Aristocrat VIP Suite Room, Empire Hotel
Monday 20 May 2013


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The designers believe that colours give the most direct impact on people's emotions; they are easier to remember and more eye-catching than shapes. In colour psychology, using black as the sole colour creates an air of mystery.  Black implies self-control, discipline, independence, a strong will, and gives an impression of authority and power.

AS Design Service Limited was founded by Four Lau and Sam Sum, who integrated seven elements into this design including wooden surfaces made with special techniques, velvet wallpaper, crystalline marble, fabric, glass, steel, and floor mat, to create "a sense of Black Elegance" for a 1,022 sq ft deluxe suite room in the Empire Hotel. Using exquisite texture layering in visual language to create a deluxe hotel design label, the designers were seeking to represent a new interpretation of aristocracy.

The design is a breakthrough from the traditional hotel room; the design is inspired by people's constant demand to new innovations. The room represents the aristocratic style and poise of the "Empire" where customers could indulge in the extravaganza "in the dark".  The suite is furnished with sophisticated materials; every single wall is decorated with materials of different textures, creating a metropolitan atmosphere that brings not only visual, but also tactile sensation.  A tailor-made waterbed is placed in the bathroom along with the "Rain Forest" shower, enhancing the sensual experience for the body and soul.


Although there is a lot of visual culture in interior design, it is not just simply visual design.  There is a great relationship with the political, historical, cultural and environmental resources, geographical secular cognition and different human emotions.  The idea was not only to provide the optimization of the basic environmental functions, but also to produce different emotional elements, also the platform that induces people and space inseparably. 

AS Design Service Ltd

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