Tuesday 14 Dec 2010


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Rania M. Hamed breathes new light into two storey house in Dubai

The space in house 2 Twenty Three was sliced up into rooms with no visual or practical link between the different parts of the house.

Von Saldern Hamed Design believe that spaces need to co–exist and a link needed to be incorporated between them and the outside world. In the living room where the space was long, narrow and felt more like a transitional space, a glass opening was cerated in the centre of the room and onto the garden injected greenery into the living room creating a dynamic canvas on the wall. The living room was a static boring space.

On the ground floor walls were removed starting from the entrance. The staircase was striped to the load barring walls and a new wall was built replacing the old metal rail. The wall, which reveals only the first 3 wooden steps of staircase, was built to highlight the geometry of the space and create a plan for displaying artwork. The rest of the house that was transformed into one big open space wraps around the staircase with the kitchen at the core.

In Dubai where the sun shines throughout the year, light becomes a major player in any design. The space in this 5,500 sq ft villa was transformed and repurposed breathing new light into it.

Von Saldern Hamed Design JLT

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