Wallace Sewell



Wallace Sewell has a devotion to quality and they are very proud to be manufacturing their products exclusively in the UK.  At Design Junction 2013 they preview their first collection of upholstery fabrics, developed for Designtex, New York and woven at Hield Brothers in Yorkshire, This new range 

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Capsula pendant light



Lucie Koldova has designed the Capsula Pendant Light for Czech handcrafted glass lighting company Brokis. Capsula pendant light is composed of two oval capsules of glass when external absorbs the internal and by permeating each other they complete compact form. The concept is visualized by two convex 

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Tamasyn Gambell



Tamasyn Gambell screen prints all their materials in London using water-based pigments. All fabrics are sourced from both Irish and European mills and their cushions and lampshades are made in the UK by small factories/craftspeople. Tamasyn will be launching her new range of printed cushions, lampshades 

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Storm Clouds



All the designs are hand drawn by Abigail and then printed at one of the few remaining, traditional wallpaper printers in the UK using a very smooth style of printing which keeps the detail of the original illustrations. The colours are hand mixed using non-toxic water based inks. The designs are 

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Soma Unveils a Smart, Beautiful Carafe with the World's First Completely Biodegradable Water Filter Soma sustainable water filter has officially launched into the marketplace with a modern design to redefine the way to drink and serve water in the home. Soma is the pinnacle of clean, industrial design: 


Hooked Lighting Range



Buster + Punch create daring and exquisite interior products that celebrate custom living and being individual. The Hooked lighting range takes its name from our beautifully hand-machined brass Hook(s) that allow the pendants to dance below. Pendants with rock royalty in their DNA are inspired by the 

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Colour Through The Looking Glass by Hierve for Case Furniture The Vitrina Collection is an engaging new range of glass cabinets, designed by Hierve for Case Furniture. The collection is a conceptual extension of 2012’s Ropero wardrobe system, distilling its design language into a more simple and 





KAJO Lightshades are a collection of delicate wooden lampshades bringing warmth to any interior designed by Hanna Francis. The subtle perforated patterns cast beautiful displays of light within a space, highlighting the natural beauty of wood. Available as pendant lights, the range includes 

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Galvin Brothers Collection



Moonshine Footstool - Solid Oak Upholstered Footstool The Moonshine Footstool is a generous disc of sumptuous upholstery on top of a solid oak base. Available in a range of refined colours, with a centred upholstered button detail returning to the undercarriage against the natural wood finish. The 

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Laura Fletcher Textiles Collection



Laura Fletcher Textiles launch their first collection of beautiful hand-made cushions, lamp shades and throws designed and woven in Suffolk.  The contemporary designs feature striking stripes woven in linen, wool and cotton to create different textures and colours. Designer Laura Fletcher is 

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Trialog and Spire



Philipp was born and raised in Hanover, and for the last few years he has been studying at the Bergen Academy of Art & Design. While there he has embraced every element of Norwegian life and culture. Trialog is a highly ergonomic, three- legged, beautifully handcrafted wooden chair designed for 

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Soft Bowl, Liquid Light, Obelix and Spring



Kristine investigates communicative elements in her design work, bridging the disciplines of product design and graphic design. Her pieces focus on the potential of objects to communicate stories, helping to create emotional bonds between object and user. This year Kristine will exhibit four very 

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Copper Mirror Series



After years spent working independently as designers across bespoke furniture, product, interior and exhibition design, and meeting at endless international events, Amy Hunting and Oscar Narud officially joined forces professionally in 2012. Amy and Oscar are both half British, half Norwegian, and have 

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The Torsteinsen Design team consists of husband and wife team Fredrik and Solveig Torsteinsen, and Vidar Øverby, collectively holding over 20 years of design experience in furniture making, carpentry, and textiles. Fredrik comes from a long line of carpenters and has always been inspired by the 

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For decades Peter Opsvik has aimed to inspire people to new, more dynamic ways of sitting. The Peter Opsvik studio has a strong focus on product design as a means for solving real-life problems. Their core competences are furniture design, interior design, ergonomics, environmental oriented solutions, 

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Archipelago, Shipping and Offshore



Permafrost was established in 2000 by four classmates at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. More than a decade of conceptual and inventive design has seen them develop everything from product design, furniture and interiors to graphic design and packaging. They have exhibited all over the world 

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Acorn and Butterfly Copper



Based in Oslo, Northern Lighting specialise in the creation of lights for different moods inspired by the unique Nordic nature, culture and society. Since the company was established in 2005 it has grown fast and now distributes to 45 countries. A big supporter of homegrown design talent, Northern 

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Figgjo Sans



Marta Frøystad and Runa Klock first met at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and immediately discovered that they had grown up in the same district of Norway; separated only by a fjord. Marte had early ambitions to become an artist, while Runa’s background included contributing to design- 

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