Stuhlhockerbank is a series of seating for public spaces that approach users and viewers in an extraordinary way. The dividing lines between different types of furniture (chair, stool, bench) are eliminated as the three types blend. The results are immobile constellations that express a person's inner 

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Picasso Bull Console



Picasso Bull Console Pablo Picasso sketched is a famous series of Bull plates made in December 1945. A deconstruction and devolution of the creature to an abstract geometry. Eleven lithographs in total become a masterwork of bringing realism to abstractionism. Since then, the bull has become a central 

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Iris Pendant Light



Iris Pendant Light The pendant light is handmade to order in MacMaster's London workshop by business duo Alex MacMaster and Limahl Asmall. This hands-on approach allows the product finish to be altered according to the client's desire. Currently, MacMaster can produce the light in a broad range of wood 

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Jaanisays 2011 Collection



Jaanisays 2011 Collection  Jaanisays Collection 2011 establishes its existence on Jaani Vaahtera´s core values of good, meaningful design, with hidden stories. With his collection, Jaani aims to offer new, interesting and surprising perspectives, as well as creating long-lasting 

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Twisted Lights



Studio Erwin Zwiers introduces a new series of lamps, ‘Twisted Lights' The inspiration for the Lights comes from its material, bend plywood. This type of plywood is perfect to bend, when it's properly processed, the flexibility of the material invites organic forms. The lamp is built from an 

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Site specific installation by SOFTlab was installed at the bridgegallery in the Lower East Side of New York City from September 2010 through October 2010. It was constructed of 4,416 panels of high gloss photo paper. Each panel is a specific color and geometry to fit its unique placement 

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Sit down, sit up, lounge, hang, repose, move, work, read, consult or relax, alone or together. People communicate in a variety of ways. The design for the SitTable caters to the needs of these divergent varieties. It allows for the table to become a thinking place as well as a social meeting ground, 

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Sofa Piccells; A changeable, inflatable seating area The main containing case can be utilised as a room divider and can also be used as a small coffee-table. The case contains inflatable linked cell covers. When the case is opened each segment fills with air allowing the user to independently create a 


Gaudi Chair



  The Gaudi Chair is the follow-up of the Gaudi Stool which was created in 2009. It was designed using the same method as Antoni Gaudi, who made models of hanging chains, that upside-down showed him the strongest shape for his churches. Additionally, to be able to determine the structure of the 

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Bamboo Pedestals In bamboo, as with other grasses, the inner regions of the plant stem are hollow and the cross sections are scattered throughout the stem instead of in a cylindrical arrangement. The woody xylem is also absent, which causes the stems to be columnar rather than tapering. Bamboos are also 





A sculptural work on the continuity of lines with urban inspiration and linked to a reflection on graffiti. This shelf is in plywood, the light is an element that takes the characteristic shape of books. 

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Birdie Table



A design concept which employs a certain aerodynamic and balance that was inspired by the shuttlecock. A shuttlecock, sometimes called a birdie, is a high-drag projectile used in the sport of badminton. It has an open conical shape: the cone is formed from sixteen overlapping feathers, usually goose or 

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A visually striking wall mounted shelf inspired by the movement of waves. This shelf achieves maximum impact primarily through the use of colour. Ideal for an entrance hall to store general items like mobile phones, keys and post. Available in a variety of sizes and colours. Made to order. 

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Inspired by skeletal structures, Ardú is a piece of sculptural craftsmanship. Repetition of form creates a rib - like formation resulting in a piece of intricate beauty. The sculptural elements reminiscent of delicate bones and brass spacers evocative of the human vertebrae, create division 

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Seaside Hydrospa



‘Seaside' Hydrospa by Teuco Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, the ‘Seaside' Hydrospa (258x225cm) represents a totally new era in hot-tub design and technology. Complete with super-silent jet system and an integral lounging area, it creates a multi-sensorial ‘oasis' that 

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Chool is a product which interacts with its users. As the user sits and places weight on the bench a back support erects behind in a fluid motion, offering added comfort and support. With the introduction of Chool comes an innovation in the world of seating. Chool combines the qualities of both a chair 

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Not Riddled



Architect Steven Holl designs a collection of furniture sculptures" for HORM. "Not Riddled" features diamond-shaped doors which open and close without hinges. An uncut diamond looks like any common stone which no one would look at twice. It is the craftsmanship of the cutter that unveils the beauty lying 

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Book Posters



Anyone who enjoys reading will have a favourite book and Spineless Classics are a unique way to enjoy literature in a new way - as wall hanging art. Incredibly, the entire text of classic novels is fitted onto a single poster and then laid out in shapes that evoke themes from the plot. Inspiring and 

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