MODULES, BY CAMILLE FLAMMARION, in an industrial context, open a space of potential where things can be endlessly transformed and played with. It is the meeting point between industrial rationalization and our personal desire for diversity and flexibility. MODULES, at the intersection of my architecture 





This impressive chandelier, that starts at the ceiling and ends just above the floor, has a total length of 10 metres. It is balanced and attached at these two end points. The chandelier stem rolls upwards and projects a nine flower lamps (called GRAPPA) as it ascends. The lamps emerge from the stem at 





Evan was born from the joint of comfort and technology, this is a new sofa of Emporio collection, a new offer form Calia Italia. Evan is a modern sofa, with wide proportions that support specific comfort needsthanks to two manual and very easy mechanisms. The back cushions might be pushed back, thus 

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New Editions



‘Other Criteria' will exclusively launch a sumptuous collection of four individually designed hand-made rugs by Damien Hirst at their Hinde Street store in London. Each rug is based on one of the artist's iconic Spin paintings. The spin paintings are emulated in the exquisitely detailed 

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Adnet Mirrors



Following last year's reissue of French modernist icon Jacques Adnet's remarkable circular mirror, Gubi will launch another original 1950's Jacques Adnet design. Adnet Rectangulaire is also a leather trimmed mirror but rectangular in form, a contrasting yet equally striking expression of Adnet's singular 

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Red Glacier By Peter Layton



Renowned glassmaker Peter Layton's latest series of statement vessels arrives at London Glassblowing just in time for Christmas. Inspired by the opposing forces of fire and ice, ‘Red Glacier' is an exciting and dynamic collection of free form pieces guaranteed to delight. ‘Fire and ice are 

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2750 Sóley



Cult folding chair 2750 Sóley: a classic reborn. This out of the ordinary folding chair once again joins the ranks of the Kusch+Co line-up. To the great delight of many design enthusiasts and connoisseurs who value the artistic flair that this iconic design oozes. Sóley already staged its 

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Arris/lounge chair



The Arris lounge chair is part of Gala Wright's Arris range that includes dining chairs, sofa and coffee table. All products use a unique 3-way bridle joint as a distinct feature. This joint gives the range its visual distinctiveness as well as a great inherent strength. Arris is made in Cornwall by our 

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Plus Mirror



Michael Siney's new Plus Mirror shows great versatility, looking great vertically and horizontally, and because of the clever design they also looks great both as a standalone piece or grouped together. Each mirror comes with a pre applied super sticky backing that will hold firmly to any flat surface. 

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Odyssey is the newest collection of wallpaper from global wall design leader Graham & Brown. From the Superfresco Easy Brand, the Odyssey collection consists in patterns of soft waves juxtaposed against masculine geometrics to create a truly page-turning experience. Sublime metallic 

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Aqua Creations



Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier has produced an innovative custom -lighting fixture made in collaboration with its Swiss representative Sphinx. The aim was to make an impressive yet understated centre piece that would merge with the space and give it a contemporary feel. The installation 

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Double Cross Table



From the New Steuart Padwick Furniture and Lighting Collection A hugely practical table; folds in half to push against the wall as a console or breakfast bar. Bring it out for when you have more to feed. Available in lemon yellow or for a small additional charge any colour of your choice. Table 

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G&T by Bethan Gray will debut at the Farmiloe Building during Clerkenwell Design Week this May. G&T is a newly established design collaboration between one of the UK's most celebrated and award-winning designers Bethan Gray, and respected furniture developer, Thomas Turner. G&T focuses 

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Introducing the ST6n chairs designed by Hussl and exclusively available in the UK from Wharfside. The ST6 is beautifully stable and comfortable - the perfect chair where space is at a premium. The modern retro design draws on the Austrian coffee house tradition. The selection of backrests and colour 





To those of you who missed Helen Yardley Studio's stand at Design Junction last month - and equally to those who visited - here's a brief reminder of all the new rug designs launched there. Breeze (above) is Helen Yardley's latest rug design and completes the new collection. The neutral grey background is 





Mashiko-yaki (pottery) is a Japanese pottery which has been nationally designated as a traditional Japanese craft, born form the fusion of locally resourced Mashiko clay and the art of glazing. In 1924, Living National Treasure Shiji Hamada began creating Mashiko-yaki, founded on the principles of the 





Olann [meaning wool in Irish] is a new collection of handknitted wool furniture. Olann's takes inspiration from traditional Ireland, where fishing and knitting were at the heart of village life. Patterns are based on familiar elements such as Aran jumpers, fishing knots and willow baskets, re-imagined as 

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Cherchbi & Quarterre Bike Stands



Quarterre have reinterpreted and adapted their bike stands drawing on the tones and high quality materials of Cherchbi's accessories collection. The exclusive ‘Fell Grey' colourway and dark wood finish for the stands have been developed to complement the hand finished leather detailing, which 

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