Wood Base Lamps



Since Matthew Cleland founded Score + Solder in 2009, his collection of handmade terrariums and planters has drawn attention from around the world. With fifteen unique terrarium models and an array of custom work to show for himself, Cleland's newest addition to the Score + Solder product line is a 

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HEC Project 2014



Each year, second-year industrial design students from the University of Montreal are required to design a product that meets a daily challenge. They have six weeks to go from idea to design, manufacturing and sale of their products. They are supervised by their instructor, Jean-François Jacques, 

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Eccentric Plates



The tableware series Eccentric Plates, by Daniel van Dijck, consists of four different unique, handcrafted decorative plates and dinner plates, which are made of various materials such as ceramics, copper and brass. The series not only assists the daily ritual of food consumption; it also symbolises the 

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Companion, designed by Phillip Grass, is the debut collection of the Danish design brand, founded in 2014. The stools from the Companion series can be used as an extra chair or small table, as well as a piece of art in themselves. They can be placed in the home individually or in a group to create a more 

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Birdie Metal



Foscarini's new Birdie metal is a lamp designed by L+R Palomba.  The lamp is harmonious and friendly, with a transversal design and possibility of settings featuring contemporary copper and black chrome finishes. Birdie Metal has an unmistakable design, with a slender rod like the shoot of a 

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Italian design office ARIS Architects have designed the new POLARISLIFE kitchen collection, as well as the architectural design of the new concept store in Bergamo City Centre. From the collection MUSA II features, an experimentation on materials applied to ample surfaces. Biomalta and wood are used to 





Aparentment was founded by Josep Vila Capdevila, a design office based in Barcelona that runs under the philosophy of allowing ‘free design', supporting and developing new ideas from the internal team. Marblelous collection is the brand's first and widest range of marble designs featuring furniture 

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Citterio E



Aesthetic appeal, sophisticated functionality and outstanding workmanship: with Axor Citterio E , Philippe Grohe and Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio are introducing a new collection of bathroom fixtures that exude elegance, high quality and worth. The UK launch took place on Thursday 27th 

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Full and hollow shapes, light and shadow, neutral and bright shades. These are the contrasts that inspired Laura Marìn in the creation of her Tie Lamp for Incipit, a lamp with a multifaceted personality. The full and tactile character of the two terracotta lampshades, bound together by brightly 

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Tull, designed by Tommaso Caldera for Incipit, is a suspension lamp and floor lamp, which reinterprets the old lamps that were usually seen in workshops or factories. The idea at the basis of this project was to adapt an object, which was previously merely intended for industrial use, to a domestic 

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W151 for Wästberg



Wästberg introduces Claesson Koivisto Rune w151, an extra-large pendant in three different conical shapes in collaboration with Swedish architecture & design stu­dio Claesson Koivisto Rune. Lamp fixtures have historically been shaped to encase different light sour­ces such as the light 

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Mitate is the new lighting collection of Studio Wieki Somers, a collection of seven lamps that fill and protect their gallery space, acting as flamboyant samurais. In Japanese, ‘mitate' signifies a multi-layered, comparative approach to otherwise familiar objects, allowing observers to contemplate 

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Exploded View



2014 Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, Sam van Gurp, has created a series of lamps that explore dimming light through layering, containment and reflection. van Gurp used his designs to manipulate light with movement, resulting in three lamps with three separate approaches. van Gurp enquires: "Do we 

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A central London office plays backdrop to the world's first and largest suspended digital timepiece, which displays the time in London, New York and Sydney via 40 LED-driven large-scale letters hung from the atrium's impressive 30m ceiling. The innovative art installation, entitled Timeless, has been 

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Sink and tap specialist Astracast has launched Dart; a new and exciting sink with an unusual and intriguing drainer and compact dimensions.   Whether it's a retailer looking for a distinctive model to attract discerning customers or a designer searching for a sink that will create a subtle focal 

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TRESTLE is a collection of bench seating modules and matching table designed by the renowned British architect John Pawson. The designs reflect the search for elegance and simplicity that have defined Pawson's work over the course of his entire career. The collection features a minimalist, almost 


The Novelties



Spanish creative consultancy Masquespacio have unveiled their last art direction project for upholstery company Missana. The agency have designed the exhibition spaces and elected fabrics and textures for the Valencian brand's Oslo chair, part of their new ‘The Novelties' collection. Having 

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Geo Vacuum Jug



Normann Copenhagen presents the Geo Vacuum Jug, a minimalist design featuring masculine, sharp edges fused with bright and lively colour combinations. This is the essence of the Geo Vacuum Jug, designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen for Normann Copenhagen. Geo has a rigid and geometric shape which has been 

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