The author of this piece, Burkhard Dammer, presents us with an architecture model of great sobriety but which hides in its interior great beauty and demonstrates to us how simplicity can be of great impact. Equipped with T5 electronic technology it has great versatility for use in the home or the office. 

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Laser Blade



Laser Blade combines an extremely minimal design with the maximum experience in LED products for retail applications. The particular light distribution of Laser Blade avoids the dot like effects typical of single leds to achieve a single general emission. The product is designed to produce a very 

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Pixel Pro



"Pixel Pro is a project targeted at shaping dynamism and new LED technology which represents a step towards defining the future of lighting design". M. Iosa Ghini A sinuously shaped product, Pixel Pro has been designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini for many differing internal environments such as retail spaces, 

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Simple, poetic wire pendant in recycled PET fiber: Compression-moulded form felt of polyester from recycled plastic. Every shade is unique in it´s shape. A picture from the childhood stays clear in the memory - my mother putting me to bed and covering the lamp with some cloth to deem the light 

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St Regis Chandelier



When world-class design studio YabuPushelberg required the perfect ‘accoutrement' for the lobby of the fivestarSt. Regis Bal Harbour, they turned to Toronto based Unitfive Design. The lobby of the hotel is the highest achievement in elegance. Guests pass through 3 octagonal chambers andeach is 

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Unitfive Design was founded in 1996 by Lisa Santana and Kelvin Goddard and has primarily focused on art and design installations in luxury spaces worldwide. The Rue Picot lighting series is the first product line to emerge from the Unitfive studio and marks the first time Santana and Goddard's work is 


Belle de Nuit



Belle de Nuit: The art of lighting with Lladró Lladró is presenting Belle de Nuit, a new collection of spectacular chandeliers, elegant wall and table lamps, and a unique proposal in the lighting sector in which porcelain shines with a light of its own. Crystal and textile shades now give 

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The idea to create a lamp as the first object for the Tamawa home collection came very naturally to Tamawa.  The Ball Lamp is a white glass globe resting on a ball of the same size made of bakelite. With the light accentuating the juxtaposition of the two forms and 





In October 2010, Eden Design brought their new innovative and eco-friendly LED lighting products, named On Line, to the international market. The On Line system is a low voltage (24VDC) LED-lighting, offering a tremendous flexibility in terms of emplacement and aesthetics. It consists out of three basic 


Emotional Lamp



The designer Arturo Álvarez has developed for his brand a collection of lamps in his star proprietary material, metal mesh with pigmented silicone. There are three collections, as follows: Tat - suspensions, wall sconces and table lamp, Muu - Table lamps in two sizes to be used onthe floor or a 

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Loos Lights



Luca Nichetto designed the Loos lamps for Zero lighting including a pendant version, a floor version and a table version. The geometric and functional façades are full of windows typical of modernist buildings - found in their highest expression in the 20s and 30s - together with Scottish plaids, 

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Tono LED Mood Light



An LED lamp that paints your room in any colour. TonoTM gives you every light colour you can imagine. Turn on the white colour mode, choose between warm or cool light to brighten up your living space with a soft glow. Or switch to the colour mode to splash any desirable colour onto your wall or 

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Size: 100x70x100cm. Prototype finished April 2012 A combination of a classically designed chandelier with the newest technology; D signed wanted to implement and make use of high-tech OLED lighting tiles differently to the expected. The lighting tile thinness and transparency are obvious even though we 





Ili ili (meaning Either-Or) are pendent lamps designed, developed and produced by a prominent Croatian designer trio Grupa.  Playful while elegant, what makes Ili ili special is that it offers an interactive approach to its future owners, inviting them to participate in the design stage. Grupa 

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CMESH collection



Scott Daniel Design, a Brooklyn-based studio headed by artist Scott Daniel Strickstein, offers contemporary lighting and furniture celebrated for its highly textural surfaces. Strickstein is best known for innovating Cmesh™, a ceramic-coated metal mesh that can be sculpted and draped, yet remains 

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Ascent is an object of striking poetic content, halfway between emotion and reason. The fundamental novelty lies in the unusual gesture made to turn on the lamp, adjust its intensity or turn it off. A vertical movement, very different from the typical way of using a dimmer. The small shade slides along 

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Bau is a sculptural hanging lamp designed by Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt, who has combined colour, composition and geometric shapes in a unique and creative design. Bau is a hanging lamp with attitude. The design is based on interlocking geometric circles, sticking out in all directions. Bau has an 

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AJ Table



Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1960 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen (Radisson Blu), Louis Poulsen Lighting has reissued the AJ Table lamp for the 21st century. The light contributed to the total design concept of the hotel. Several of the hotel items have achieved design icon status today, and 

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