When Chris Hardy was conceptualizing his design he was inspired by "the idea of society-a unique, organic social structure formed through the relationships that connect an individual to a greater community. This idea of a single mass constructed of smaller individual elements I found to be an 

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Lamp shades simply placed on a wooden board. The impact that such a simple premise brings is unexpected. Besides creating a "stage" for placing other objects of interest, (effectively turning into a plinth) it provides room for the relationship between its elements to develop. The lamps point towards the 





The five 'complete' lighting objects shine upon themselves as well as the objects placed in them The lamps are open for the users own interpretation. For example, a 'Tafelstuk' can be used as a container to highlight everyday objects (keys, fruits or a magazine). All the pieces are produced in Daphna 


Corolla Floor Lamp



The brief was to design a contemporary floor lamp that was original in design with the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of lighting sources from standard light bulbs to led, to be available in a full choice of colours. The Corolla floor lamp has exceeded its brief and the result is a truly elegant 

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Constellation Light



Constellation Light Designed by Kent Gration of Intergration Studio in Queenstown Australia, the Constellation Light explores the celestial connection between people in different places at different times and of varying cultural backgrounds, and how we are all connected and guided by the same points of 

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Mantis Lamps



Böttcher + Henssler's MANTIS Lamps MANTIS are reduced to the main functions of floor and desk lamps with an emotional nature of an object. A 300mm long energy-saving power LED strip is integrated in the wood profile and provides a neutral white light. An aluminium tube is inserted through the 

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Iris Pendant Light



Iris Pendant Light The pendant light is handmade to order in MacMaster's London workshop by business duo Alex MacMaster and Limahl Asmall. This hands-on approach allows the product finish to be altered according to the client's desire. Currently, MacMaster can produce the light in a broad range of wood 

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Twisted Lights



Studio Erwin Zwiers introduces a new series of lamps, ‘Twisted Lights' The inspiration for the Lights comes from its material, bend plywood. This type of plywood is perfect to bend, when it's properly processed, the flexibility of the material invites organic forms. The lamp is built from an 

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Constantin Wortmann's swirling mass of glowing fibres swirls gently down a central rope system, emitting a soft and refined light. ‘Alien' is available in two sizes and four variations, as a pendant lamp, table lamp, floor lamp and light fittings. The ‘Easy' version is also available for 

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TIME SQUARE ‘TS' is a wall sculpture, a lighting apparatus and a timepiece, aiming to mirror the aesthetic, artistic and rational needs of its owner. Coming in a limited edition of 365 pieces all with a serial number, it is destined for both private and public spaces.Time Square consists of 12 


Light humor



The Light humor range contains Long necked pendant lights, Drop earring lights, Big bling necklace light and a Melting crystal chandelier .All products are handmade in Manchester, bespoke ceramic and glass and use low energy light fittings. Penelope's interest in the unexpected, fuels her playful 

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Plumen bulb



Plumen is the antithesis of low energy light bulbs as we know them. Rather than hide the unappealing traditional compact fluorescent light behind boring utility, Plumen 001 is a bulb you'll want on show. The Plumen bulb uses 80% less energy and lasts 8 times longer than incandescent bulbs, giving you the 

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Featured in the 2010 I.D. Annual Design Review, "Bacterioptica" is MADLAB's latest design for a truly dynamic dining room chandelier. It is designed to synchronize with the life of a very unique New Jersey household, comprised of two parents, three children, a dog, and one hell of an extended family: 

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Studio & Partner's Blacklight is characterised by a fluid and clear-cut design. It is an internal suspended system for direct and indirect light that was developed to furnish offices and modern workplaces. The single-piece no-joint aluminium body was reduced so that the thickness measures just 50mm. 

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Nora Turquoise Pendants



A vibrant series of art glass pendants in the year’s hottest colour, Turquoise, is now available from Nora Lighting, a leading manufacturer of fixtures for commercial and residential installations. Turquoise, designated by the Pantone Color Institute as the ‘trendy’ Color of the Year, 

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