Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli previewed Moresque, his new collection of pendant and table lamps created for Seletti, at this year's Maison et Objet. The lamps capture the Moorish charm of the Alhambra, an illustrious palace and fortress complex situated in the heart of Andalusia. Inside the 

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Light Forest



&tradition have collaborated for the first time with Dutch studio Ontwerpduo on Light Forest, a highly adaptable wall and ceiling lamp system that can be reconfigured in multiple ways to vary in expression from organic and whimsical, to geometric and austere. The inspiration for Light Forest lies in 

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HIMMEE is the brainchild of Finnish designer Timo Niskanen, a new lighting brand founded in 2014 with a discreet design language that suits Scandinavian style homes perfectly. The first collection of lamps, encompassing eight new products, includes the Filly family. These lamps were created almost 

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German designer Veronika Gombert has created Umleiter, a suspension lamp and light diverter that has been constructed purposefully to illuminate areas of a room in which the electricity connection is not where the user wishes the lamp to be hanging. Working with gravity, this is a lighting tool that 

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Wood Base Lamps



Since Matthew Cleland founded Score + Solder in 2009, his collection of handmade terrariums and planters has drawn attention from around the world. With fifteen unique terrarium models and an array of custom work to show for himself, Cleland's newest addition to the Score + Solder product line is a 

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Birdie Metal



Foscarini's new Birdie metal is a lamp designed by L+R Palomba.  The lamp is harmonious and friendly, with a transversal design and possibility of settings featuring contemporary copper and black chrome finishes. Birdie Metal has an unmistakable design, with a slender rod like the shoot of a 

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Full and hollow shapes, light and shadow, neutral and bright shades. These are the contrasts that inspired Laura Marìn in the creation of her Tie Lamp for Incipit, a lamp with a multifaceted personality. The full and tactile character of the two terracotta lampshades, bound together by brightly 

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Tull, designed by Tommaso Caldera for Incipit, is a suspension lamp and floor lamp, which reinterprets the old lamps that were usually seen in workshops or factories. The idea at the basis of this project was to adapt an object, which was previously merely intended for industrial use, to a domestic 

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W151 for Wästberg



Wästberg introduces Claesson Koivisto Rune w151, an extra-large pendant in three different conical shapes in collaboration with Swedish architecture & design stu­dio Claesson Koivisto Rune. Lamp fixtures have historically been shaped to encase different light sour­ces such as the light 

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Mitate is the new lighting collection of Studio Wieki Somers, a collection of seven lamps that fill and protect their gallery space, acting as flamboyant samurais. In Japanese, ‘mitate' signifies a multi-layered, comparative approach to otherwise familiar objects, allowing observers to contemplate 

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Exploded View



2014 Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, Sam van Gurp, has created a series of lamps that explore dimming light through layering, containment and reflection. van Gurp used his designs to manipulate light with movement, resulting in three lamps with three separate approaches. van Gurp enquires: "Do we 

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Monsieur Floor Lamp



Italian designer Marco de Masi has recently designed a large floor lamp for Officine Tamborrino. This is a new and exclusive brand for contemporary steel furniture items of Scaff System group, a leading company since 1957 in the production of steel structures for a range of uses and sectors. The lamp 

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iLLuminite is inspired by the search for a more unique and original approach to night lights and ambient lights. As it turns out, acrylic glass functions in a very similar manner to fiber optics: light up one side and the acrylic glass channels the light all the way through to the other side. More so, any 

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Paper is generally seen simply as a material to support the written word or to wrap, fold or provide simple decoration.  However, under discreet illumination, certain paper materials can reveal eye-catching texture and pattern qualities that are usually unrealised. This is the foundation of the 

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Rituals XL



Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have introduced a new piece to the Rituals lamp collection, Rituals XL, produced by Foscarini. The Rituals family, with its different and complementary forms, volumes and proportions, now also has this extra-large version, a new irregular sphere in an impressive size which has 

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Inspiring Trees Table Lamp



Portuguese Architect Joanna Santos Barbosa has created the Inspiring Trees Table Lamp, as part of her latest collection ‘Beyond Memory' for her own design company INSIDHERLAND. The lamp is inspired by Barbosa's personal fascination with the natural world, specifically with trees. Inspiring Trees is 

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Singapore-based production company Industry+ is dedicated to producing high quality contemporary design products made in Asia, working with a collection of forward thinking designers who combine industrial production with artisanal craftsmanship. Their debut collection was launched at London Design 

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Nomadic Light



EKDESIGN, a studio run by Katharina Eisenkoeck, have created Nomadic Light, part of a larger collection of concrete and leather lights. Nomadic light is an approach to create a companion in the flux of domestic consistency. The three lights form a family of objects that adapt to the changing needs of 

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