WASI is the inspired creation of the Britto Charette team and the launch of an ever-growing collection of Britto Charette's BC Home accessories. Their team draws from members' backgrounds in art, design, architecture, and global travel to create stunning and luxurious pieces for today's discerning buyer. 

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Wing is a flooring tile that allows architects and designers to combine several of Bolon’s collections and elevate them to a new level. The strong architectural form interacts elegantly with interior design elements and building details. The results are striking – the new format reenergises 

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Dreaming Creatively A dramatic, practical and beautiful window blind ideal for either the seasoned explorer…  right through to the smallest adventurer, a child’s bedroom or school room. Vivid, colourful and clear, lovers of geography from all over the globe will clearly be able to map 


Hang Up Mirror



A picture frame or a mirror?  Hang Up is an unusual mirror; the irregular position of the mirror adds a touch of movement and irreverent modernity to the mirror's designated setting.  The initial idea was to create a mirror that is detached from its natural position while still hanging onto the 

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Cumbria Crystal's Bottles



Cumbria Crystal, one of few remaining producers of hand-blown and hand-cut full lead English crystal, launched Bottles in January 2013, a chic collection of full lead cut crystal bottles produced by skilled craftsmen in the Lake District. Launched following the success of Cumbria Crystal's Six Stemware 

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Swedish studio Front has designed a collection of glassware with frosted bottoms for Danish brand Stelton. The simple vessels have curved translucent bases that graduate into clear glass halfway up. www.stelton.com 

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Brick cushions By Normann Copenhagen Designer Britt Bonnesen has created a geometrical cushion for Normann Copenhagen with a modern and elegant feel. The cushion is a play on shapes, colours and materials. Brick is made up of various textures and shades of fabric and is a simple way to add a dash of 

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Geometry of Sensibus



The first collection of designer rugs from Lazerian, "Geometry of Sensibus", is based on the geometry of the five human senses: touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing. Each design was modelled in a 3D computer programme, then taken back to its basic wireframe to give a sense of depth to a flat 

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Sabatina Leccia



Sabatina Leccia is a French sustainable designer based in Paris. She graduated last June from the prestigious Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design. She has developed products with bright colours and strange shapes which evoke the idea of transformation. Sabatina is aware about the 

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Compostable Accessories



Most biodegradable products can only degrade in an industrial composting facility. The aim of this project is to create home-degradable and biologically nutritious jewellery and accessories. These are created from organic materials that, once used, can decompose into the natural environment, providing 

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Nnuroj is strongly influenced by the ways that wool can benefit our living environment. Her main concerns during the design process are to create pieces that are unique, durable and sustainable. The result is a range of knitted soft furnishings and accessories that have versatility in function and a 

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‘13’ Wallpaper Collection



The ‘13' wallpaper collection introduces three new patterns, Jewel, Ash and Sombre. Drawing influences from Arabian architecture, dark nights and nature, ‘13' was born, which captures snippets of an opulent colour palette represented through a rich aubergine and teal. Using Ghundoo's iconic 

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Combining practicality and style, the ONE Table Calendar provides an innovative way to track the date by South Korean designer Jeong Yong. The wooden structure consists of three differently sized rings. The rings are magnetised so that they can be attached together. The biggest ring has 31 units to 

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Once upon a time ...In a world devoid of colour and inspiration, a magical wallpaper collection brought about a Happily Ever After.... Graham & Brown's new Spellbound collection of wallpapers draw on the influence of fairytales to create a magical set of interior prints. The collection includes 

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These adorable simple vases are constructed from wooden plinths and twine to produce table top vases with a twist. French designer, Aurélie Richards, graduated from of the Royal College of Art and now works as a product designer, with a unique handicraft twist. The FORGET ME NOT VASES by 


Furnishing Fabrics and Wallpapers



Furnishing Fabrics and Wallpapers By Hermès French luxury fashion house Hermès releases its new collection of fabrics and wallpapers in time for Christmas. The indulgent interior range fuses sumptuous material with unique designs. The horse motif that features in the range is described by 

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Giles Miller Surfaces



Giles Miller Studio has created the entrance to Clerkenwell Design Week in the form of a timber archway made up of 20,000 angled wooden pixels. The archway sits inside the original concrete arches of the Farmiloe building, a 150 year old warehouse that has become the hub of the Clerkenwell Design 

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Jean Paul Gaultier by Lelièvre



Jean Paul Gaultier by Lelièvre First collection of fabrics and home accessories Lelièvre and Jean Paul Gaultier have combined their expertise in a new licence for the world of home accessories and fabrics. Haute couture and interior design have come together and the creative teams of 

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