Soft Bowl, Liquid Light, Obelix and Spring



Kristine investigates communicative elements in her design work, bridging the disciplines of product design and graphic design. Her pieces focus on the potential of objects to communicate stories, helping to create emotional bonds between object and user. This year Kristine will exhibit four very 

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Copper Mirror Series



After years spent working independently as designers across bespoke furniture, product, interior and exhibition design, and meeting at endless international events, Amy Hunting and Oscar Narud officially joined forces professionally in 2012. Amy and Oscar are both half British, half Norwegian, and have 

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Archipelago, Shipping and Offshore



Permafrost was established in 2000 by four classmates at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. More than a decade of conceptual and inventive design has seen them develop everything from product design, furniture and interiors to graphic design and packaging. They have exhibited all over the world 

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Figgjo Sans



Marta Frøystad and Runa Klock first met at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and immediately discovered that they had grown up in the same district of Norway; separated only by a fjord. Marte had early ambitions to become an artist, while Runa’s background included contributing to design- 

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Apollo and Tokyo Box Collection



Originally studying ceramics at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Cathrine changed direction, keen to work with a new medium, glass. Due to the lack of formal glass education available, she spent three years in Helsinki working on her Masters thesis on how to successfully combine glass and 

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Chisel & Mouse



Chisel & Mouse was launched by architecture enthusiasts and brothers Gavin and Robert Paisley  in 2011. The pair share a combined love of architecture modelling and together have created a fantastic collection of mantelpiece objets. Chisel & Mouse create architectural sculptures of beautiful 

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Eco Earth Wallpaper



Eco Wallpaper produces a real, down to earth collection. The creative joy in Eco Earth, the new wallpaper collection from Eco Wallpaper, is directly influenced by the beauty of nature and its four elements. The patterns and colours are set to bring out a warm and soothing feeling whilst forming a bright 

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MOCAP Bamboo Clock



This eye-catching bamboo wall clock changes shape as you view the clock from different angles. When standing in front of the clock the numbers are clear and visible, when you walk around it, the numbers slowly dissolve, seemingly falling apart in little floating white balls. The clock face is finished 

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Kährs New Harmony Collection



Kährs new Harmony Collection reflects the enduring trend for rustic natural surfaces with subtle design features. The pocket-friendly range includes fourteen designs, each crafted in Sweden from sustainable European oak and ash. Hand-brushing removes pulpy softwood to expose natural graining and 

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APEX takes inspiration from ancestral ink brush painting. The expressionist pattern offers a gestural effect achieved through large-scale dark blue silk fading over a grey palette. APEX is part of Tai Ping's Eclipse collection which is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Asian visual arts and 

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This ceramic product THE FAMILY was first made and presented in January 2010 It has 5 parts/members with sizes: Mum and Dad14x20 cm, Little Rosa9x14 cm, The Pet 9x15 and Tom 10x16 cm and they all have coats in more than one design. The pictures shows one combination! The Family consists of a family 





Following the success of the Limited Edition Element Vessels in 2012, Vitamin launches a new product in the series. The new Element Vessels are hand crafted in the UK from Terracotta, Earthenware, Oak and Cork. The unglazed outer surface of the Terracotta Vessel offers an honest yet beautiful aesthetic, 


Characters Rugs



The carpet becomes the canvas with the launch of Characters, the much anticipated, hand-made rug collection from international design house JAB Anstoetz. From Toronto to Tel Aviv, JAB has collaborated with some of the world’s leading artists and designers, including industrial designer Konstantin 

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Urban Retreat



Interpreting Nature’s Design  In January 2013, Interface introduced Urban Retreat in the UK, a collection which draws directly on the idea that we all have an instinctive love of nature – a science known as Biophilia. In the compact living spaces of modern cities, people are 

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The Large Tree



It’s time to dream... Remember how you feel when you enter a space that you love? That special place that allows you to pause and appreciate what you see? The Twelve O’Clock Dream vision is to create dream time space to allow for brief moments of escaping the harshness of daily life through 

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MINI MODERNS ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE PAINT Re-claimed, re-sponsible, re-splendent: Mini Moderns are proud to work with British manufacturers throughout their homewares collections, and their paint is no exception. Their specialist UK based paint manufacturers, have created a method of using 


Urban Fabric



URBAN FABRIC is a series of area rugs inspired by manmade patterns inscribed upon the Earth's surface through the development of agricultural, urban, and other human organisational patterns. The way these systems organise and divide parcels of land, how we occupy and use this land has shaped and marked 

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One can make many new forms out of an apparently simple body, but the challenging key aspect is to find the perfect architectural proportion in it. The door handle, originally created to open and close doors, was revolutionised by the inspirative design of Studioforma Associated Architects. The firm 

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