Ball chair



The Ball chair is a design by London-based artist Finn Stone. The chair is made out of recycled ABS and coated with a high-quality paint which makes the chairs and tables suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

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A Sofa by Segments A multifunctional element range. You can zip a number of the same element together until you have the longest sofa in the world. That way you can always find a new arrangement for your room. de Sede's own combination of both supportive and down-soft upholstery gives this variable sofa, 

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MT Rocker Solid



MT Rocker Solid, 2010 Stainless Steel Edition of 6 

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The lines of the DS-315 are hallmarked by a subtle interplay of concave and convex surfaces. The architectonic composition is mirrored in the outer skin, which is made up of a number of different pieces: the four-element base is married perfectly to the upper armrest section, which opens up invitingly 

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Workshop Chair



Designed by original Berliner Jerszy Seymour the Workshop chair is a particularly sturdy chair considering its limited use of materials; a few batons of wood, some polycapralactone wax and a lot of imagination. The workshop chair is a great example of economically accessible yet aesthetically 

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Preparing to make its introduction at this year's 100% Design show in London, Michael Thomas' Elter range of tables a British manufactured, hand-finished statement that British design can hold its own against its ‘sexier' continental neighbours. The table's abrupt changes in perspective create 

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Still Sofa



Each part of the Molteni & C Still furniture range is designed to function independently, as well as part of a coherent set. 

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Nomos Desking System



The Nomos Desking System is designed for almost unlimited change. Governed by the unchanging needs of the human body, seated or standing, it has metal legs, angled from a central spine, as if poised for flight. 

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PLC Chair



A range of chairs available in either solid oak or in beech with a matt painted finish. The ply seat and back rest can be upholstered and a powder coated metal arm is also available. For projects, a wide range of colour combinations for both the chair and arms is possible and upholstery is available in a 

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Wing sofa bed



Design by Per Weiss, Andreas Lund & Flemming Højfeldt. Wing is a unique, airy design from the Danish design company Innovation. The sofa has clean-cut steel or chrome legs and a back rest with three optional positions: Sofa, relax and bed. Moreover the side ‘wings' of the seat can be 

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Ora-ïto chair



Presented exclusively for 100% Design London – 23rd-26th September – iconoclastic designer Ora-ïto has produced an architectural form that attempts to marry elements of art and function. The sculptural piece responds to the proportions of a seated woman, employing the use of flowing lines 

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Spirit House Chair



Studio Daniel Libeskind, working with the Nienkämper furniture company, has designed a chair for the newly constructed Spirit House in the Royal Ontario Museum's Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. The chair, which is constructed from 14 gauge (.075” thick) stainless steel, weighs 180 pounds, stands 

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Azumi shelving



Shin Azumi's new modular storage unit comes in individual sections. It can be transformed from a modular straight wall storage unit into a corner storage unit and comes in walnut. W 600 x H 2180 x D 370 

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Covet desk



Japanese-born Shin Azumi has designed a new home office desk, launching in September. Its simple, practical design has an innovative storage solution integrated into its wooden frame, which supports a large glass work surface.  This creates an aesthetically pleasing desk, with it's clean lines 

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VOLT is a table with integrated legs and table top. The legs seem to be part of the top and the top seems to be part of the legs. Faceted surfaces and at the same time a fluid, continuous shape. Dynamic, and at the same time minimal. A table with a form that seems impossible like an Escher drawing. It 

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Piano Table



Georg Bohle has designed the Piano table, a table concealing a full 88-key electric piano. Created from oak wood, it is functionally designed to serve both as dining table and as an electric piano. The piano table is a dining table or workspace with a built-in electric keyboard made of oak wood. The 

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Robert Majkut Table



Unique object to be auctioned in Vienna  Leading Polish designer, Robert Majkut is auctioning one of his unique tables at prestigious auction house Dorotheum in Vienna on the 18th May.  The table was designed, modelled and visualised digitally, the hand assembled and finished structure was then 

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Twin Chairs



Based on the idea of ‘two in one’, these chairs remain functional even when stacked. The difficulty in putting them together lay in the juxtaposition of two materials that have distinctive physical properties. Fitting the two chairs together means cutting down these materials to the absolute 

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