Republic  of Fritz Hansen ™ is  renowned for its quality and collection of design icons through collaborations with some of the world's most influential architects and designers; including  Arne Jacobsen and  Poul Kjaerholm. This tradition is brought forward to this day through 

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The Swing Chair



The Swing Chair was shown for the first time this month in in Turin during the WABI SABI show. The Swing Chair comes from Antonio’s Aricò research on characters and personalities generally hidden in products. The Swing Chair brings indoor a romantic situation, an outdoor feeling that usually 

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"Through an innovative integration between seat and back and precise detailing, Nerd has a strong personality and a very iconic character. While the appearance of Nerd is unique, the overall expression, material and craftsmanship all have references to classic Scandinavian design values. I am really happy 

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Colouring Tables



OS and OOS have created a series of nine small tables which consists of three subgroups distinguishable by their colour (yellow, red and grey). OS and OOS have been asked for an exhibition to create products/objects for commercial sale in three different price classes, the tables increase in cost when a 

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Alberto Fabbian in collaboration with Antoniazzi & Piovesana, 3B Ceramiche and Bosa Ceramiche Social networks have always existed, but the term to “network” is certainly a contemporary one. In the sense that networks connect people, events and places, Europe is a mass of 


Manolo Chair



Inspiration for the ‘Manolo lounger' came firstly, from an admiration of Hans J Wenger and Finn Juhl who according to John Galvin are the two greatest chair designers that ever lived. Secondly, he stumbled upon a beautiful sketch of a high heel shoe designed by Manolo Blahnik. The elegance of the 

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Gaga & Design launches its philosophy of airy, colorful efficient products in a comprehensive collection.  Seeking to find the right balance between beautiful objects and functional furniture and playing with textile material and visual weight, the collection broadens the spectrum of multiple 

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Cult British design brand Mini Moderns has created Concert, a new collection for Southbank Centre. Featuring line drawings of musical instruments, the design was conceived to represent the immense variety of musical performance that is staged at Southbank Centre. Mini Moderns founders, Keith Stephenson 





"Sorri" is a friendly chair, ingenious, wide and inviting. Easily recognised by its gently curving surfaces, this important feature provides all of the chair's comfort, with a wide area to drop belongings like a bag, a coat or a book. Many design details were considered to highlight the chair's solid 

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Continuing the development of the Christopher Jenner ‘home editions', Jenner presents the "Devisor" shelving collection. "Devisor" is a testament to the owner, a personal platform of cherished curiosities. Marrying Italian craftsmanship and British design the collection is inspired by ancient 

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Dutch designer Reinier de Jong presents a new chair named STEEL, surprisingly made of... wooden handles.  Soil, rain, hands, air, sunlight. Used broom handles show traces of their former use by their patina. STEEL chair is made from handles of brooms, rakes, shovels etc. The chair gives the wood a 





Evan was born from the joint of comfort and technology, this is a new sofa of Emporio collection, a new offer form Calia Italia. Evan is a modern sofa, with wide proportions that support specific comfort needsthanks to two manual and very easy mechanisms. The back cushions might be pushed back, thus 

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2750 Sóley



Cult folding chair 2750 Sóley: a classic reborn. This out of the ordinary folding chair once again joins the ranks of the Kusch+Co line-up. To the great delight of many design enthusiasts and connoisseurs who value the artistic flair that this iconic design oozes. Sóley already staged its 

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Arris/lounge chair



The Arris lounge chair is part of Gala Wright's Arris range that includes dining chairs, sofa and coffee table. All products use a unique 3-way bridle joint as a distinct feature. This joint gives the range its visual distinctiveness as well as a great inherent strength. Arris is made in Cornwall by our 

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Double Cross Table



From the New Steuart Padwick Furniture and Lighting Collection A hugely practical table; folds in half to push against the wall as a console or breakfast bar. Bring it out for when you have more to feed. Available in lemon yellow or for a small additional charge any colour of your choice. Table 

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G&T by Bethan Gray will debut at the Farmiloe Building during Clerkenwell Design Week this May. G&T is a newly established design collaboration between one of the UK's most celebrated and award-winning designers Bethan Gray, and respected furniture developer, Thomas Turner. G&T focuses 

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Introducing the ST6n chairs designed by Hussl and exclusively available in the UK from Wharfside. The ST6 is beautifully stable and comfortable - the perfect chair where space is at a premium. The modern retro design draws on the Austrian coffee house tradition. The selection of backrests and colour 





Mashiko-yaki (pottery) is a Japanese pottery which has been nationally designated as a traditional Japanese craft, born form the fusion of locally resourced Mashiko clay and the art of glazing. In 1924, Living National Treasure Shiji Hamada began creating Mashiko-yaki, founded on the principles of the