Leaf and Cricket



With the rise of the world population, living space is becoming more valuable for everyone. Urbanisation and the need for flexibility are longing for effortless space saving design. Folditure has taken on the challenge of creating unparalleled space-saving solutions. Table and chairs seemed like a logical 

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Materia Matrix



  This gilded ceramic screen was designed (with an innovative use of materials) to include the mark of the hand, a sense of clay, and a quality of randomness within a geometric framework, in an object adaptable to multiple uses and sizes. It may be used as an interior or exterior 

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Pleat Lounger



It is now bordering on cliché to refer to China as the land of opportunity for foreigners. The city has a rich history of outsiders prospering within its walls; one need look no further that the abundance of wealthy pre-war European villas lining its many streets as evidence. The city has recently 

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Pleat Diner



The PLEAT Diner features a dramatic cantilevered seat with a formal upright backrest, pleated in the centre to cradle and support the spine and bottom. A signature design approach emerges that obsesses on a balanced integration of form, structure and comfort. These high quality minimal dining chairs 

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CHOICE CHAIR NOT JUST A CHAIR HYBRID OBJECTS COLLECTION  The Choice Chair is part of Not Just a Chair Collection of comfortable, poly-functional, beautiful, durable, and eco Objects which provide new type of sitting, joyful and relaxing experience. It is transformative and playful hybrid for public 





Arachnide, the name given to this sumptuous chair, is originated from the French translation of arachnid, which is how the iconic chair from Studioforma Associated Architects is perceived by many, due to its thin dark legs and sleek corpulent body.   The contrast between the materials that 

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HP MIMIC Office of the Future Prototype Flexible and sustainable space planning - design for the future. HP MIMIC is a modular, fully functional single office unit that transforms to fit different work styles, technology preferences, and user requirements while adapting to a company's office culture and 


fat tony



Life is complicated – fat tony is not Furniture endlessly variable in use, in covers, in formation. fat tony is a modular seating system whose 'kit of parts' allows a huge spectrum of variation possibilities. Designed by the architecture brand GRAFT, fat tony is endlessly flexible in use with its 

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The Room



When acclaimed design firm YabuPushelberg envisioned the ultra-luxe department ‘THE ROOM' at theHudson's Bay Company in Vancouver, they called upon Unitfive Design to give it a signature installationworthy of the premium fashion labels carried on the racks. Kelvin Goddard and Lisa Santana, 

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The Hyde Stool is a fully upholstered stacking stool which is ideal for a wide range of environments from flexible workspaces and informal meeting areas to hotels, bars, museums and educational institutions. The Hyde Stool is a frameless piece and is moulded using PU CMHR foam, making it a comfortable, 





The Raffa chairs typify the design ethos of their creator Ian Archer. Unique designs hilight the quality of manufacture and offer excellent comfort. Their contemporary aesthetic references the past, in its classical elegance, traditional quality and craftsmanship; but is updated by generous proportions, 





The Rocco Chair had originally been developed as a commission by Scirocco Studios in order to introduce the new Volkswagen Scirocco. The designer decided to create a "sports chair". Since the act of sitting is never really active, it was thought that perhaps the act of lying down in a chaise lounge could 

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Hanger Chair



The name "Occasional Furniture" should be self-explanatory, but in many case it is incorrect. These pieces tend to lie around the house, stacked in a corner, or in an unused room. When space is an issue, as is often the case for most European city dwellers, an object such as a folding chair will clutter 

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Venere Lounge Armchair



The Venere family - chairs designed by Bartoli Design and produced by Bonaldo - is expanding.  Its success has led to the creation of the Venere Lounge Armchair, which has been developed to increase the level of comfort, whilst retaining the original formal characteristics of the Venere 

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Octa Table



Octa is derived from the Greek octo which means eight: that is the number of legs that equip this table designed by Bartoli Design for Bonaldo.  The legs are indeed the key players in Octa: built out of metal rods that have been bent and welded, they form a base which is light in appearance, but 

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Innovative yet sublime this piece of art was designed in true Boca do Lobo style. Reminiscent of a group of pebbles forming a sculptural like composition at the bottom of a river, this ultra-lux screen is fashioned from nineteen pieces  of fiberglass filled with expandable polyurethane and finished 

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Taste of Wood



After the success of the collection Back Home showed for the first time last year during Milan Design Week, Antonio Aricò is presenting a new story called Taste of Wood at the Padiglione Italia in Ventura Lambrate. His new products are all inspired by this year's theme FOODMADE. The chair, table, 

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Republic  of Fritz Hansen ™ is  renowned for its quality and collection of design icons through collaborations with some of the world's most influential architects and designers; including  Arne Jacobsen and  Poul Kjaerholm. This tradition is brought forward to this day through 

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