The Cartocci Print Collection



Paola Paronetto's family of Paper Clay products never ceases to amaze and she has recently extended the collection dramatically. The Cartocci Print Collection is made from the same materials as previous collections but present a new aesthetic direction through the addition of a variety of textures that 

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Bothles is a collection of double-use vases for displaying both cut flowers and growing plants, designed by Italian product and interior design studio AAIDO MA and produced by LITHHO Ceramic Italy srl. The vases incorporate the aesthetic qualities of plants into their design; they are decorative but also 

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Paper Vase Cover



The Paper Vase Cover is the invention of Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop, hand-folded by women supported by the Tiny Miracles Foundation. This foundation is a Netherlands-based charity established in 2010 by Pepe's cousin Laurien Meuter. Tiny Miracles focuses on one specific street with a community of 

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SUNSET is a family of blown-glass vases available in three different sizes, designed by Manuela di Loreto for Incipit. Featuring quintessentially pure shapes, SUNSET boasts a double personality: it represents the union of two parts, which, when overlapped, can perfectly hold a long-stemmed flower when 


P.E.A.D not DEAD



Chilean industrial designer Bernardita Marambio B. of Bernardita Marambio Design Studio has produced a unique collection of vases in her project P.E.A.D not DEAD. The vases are manufactured through an experimental process, whereby High Density Polyethylene (LDPE or HDPE) is utilised. HDPE is known for 

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Tarnish Collection



Daniel Schofield's Tarnish collection is a range of vases, pots and trays in solid brass, all functional objects with a defined use in the home. However, Schofield has used a simple surface treatment on the pieces that he hopes will result in a more emotional attachment from the user, giving them a worth 

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To celebrate midsummer Studio David Thulstrup has experimented with the idea of twisting the classical flower vase into an object that has been inspired by Nordic traditional rituals that are celebrated at the end of June. The idea came from the ritual of dancing around the maypole in June to celebrate 

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Tunisia Made



Hend Krichen is a young, up-and-coming designer based in London, who focuses on ‘producing beautiful timeless objects designed to enrich everyday lives', utilising the outstanding craftsmanship and artisanal skills in Tunisia. The ‘Tunisia Made' collection, includes stunning terracotta and 

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Collana Vases



The extravagant Collana collection of vases incorporates a refined fusion of traditional artisanal techniques employed in porcelain and glass production. The four white, conical porcelain vases, which already stand out thanks to the striking contrast of unglazed biscuit porcelain and a glazed rim, feature 

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Soft Bowl, Liquid Light, Obelix and Spring



Kristine investigates communicative elements in her design work, bridging the disciplines of product design and graphic design. Her pieces focus on the potential of objects to communicate stories, helping to create emotional bonds between object and user. This year Kristine will exhibit four very 

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Following the success of the Limited Edition Element Vessels in 2012, Vitamin launches a new product in the series. The new Element Vessels are hand crafted in the UK from Terracotta, Earthenware, Oak and Cork. The unglazed outer surface of the Terracotta Vessel offers an honest yet beautiful aesthetic, 


Sabatina Leccia



Sabatina Leccia is a French sustainable designer based in Paris. She graduated last June from the prestigious Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design. She has developed products with bright colours and strange shapes which evoke the idea of transformation. Sabatina is aware about the 

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These adorable simple vases are constructed from wooden plinths and twine to produce table top vases with a twist. French designer, Aurélie Richards, graduated from of the Royal College of Art and now works as a product designer, with a unique handicraft twist. The FORGET ME NOT VASES by 





Drapery vases by Kruskopf & Kuisma are made by sewing the shape of a flower vase/pot in fabric, which is then hardened with resin. A plaster mould is taken from the hardened model and the final piece in cast in ceramics with clear glazing on the inside. Drapery collection is a series of vases