3form recently debuted Pattern+, a revolutionary new glass customisation system that works across multiple material platforms. In line with the 3form solution approach to achieve performance while allowing designers to stay within their budget and aesthetic visions, the new system is set to provide many 

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Eccentrics Collection



Graham & Brown have just launched a new collection which is both fun, functional and quintessentially British. Eccentrics is inspired by the architectural heritage of Britain with whimsical patterns that celebrate the quirkiness of the nation's history. The feature title design ‘Eccentric' 

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Tears Off Wallpaper



ZNAK "Tears off" wallpaper is an innovative modular wallpaper developed by ZNAK in collaboration with popular Dutch conceptual artist Aldo Kroese ( and the Berlin design duo Studio Hausen ( The wallpaper is created onto a non-woven base material with a 

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The New Wave Collective



Global wallpaper design company Graham & Brown has just launched its innovative new wallpaper collection, entitled ‘The New Wave Collective'. Britain's biggest wallpaper company has joined forces with some of Britain's best up-and-coming surface pattern talent to produce a range of 16 

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BAUX Träullit



BAUX is founded on the belief that building materials should be surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful. BAUX designs, produces and markets construction materials that meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers and builders - without compromising safety and environmental 

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Statement Wallpapers



This collection of statement wallpapers come as a collaboration by Contour, Hemingway, Barbara Hulanicki, Superfresco Easy and Steve Leung, manufactured by Graham & Brown.  The bold, striking designs mix vibrant colour with geometric patterns and shapes.   Making a crockery uses 

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The Fossil Project



Emerging from professional painting factories which use polyurethane paint comes The Fossil Project, an initiative which takes leftover paint at the end of each day and recycles it into striking interior paint designs. Once the paint samples have been mixed with reacting materials, they can no longer be 

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Storm Clouds



All the designs are hand drawn by Abigail and then printed at one of the few remaining, traditional wallpaper printers in the UK using a very smooth style of printing which keeps the detail of the original illustrations. The colours are hand mixed using non-toxic water based inks. The designs are 

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Eco Earth Wallpaper



Eco Wallpaper produces a real, down to earth collection. The creative joy in Eco Earth, the new wallpaper collection from Eco Wallpaper, is directly influenced by the beauty of nature and its four elements. The patterns and colours are set to bring out a warm and soothing feeling whilst forming a bright 

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The Large Tree



It’s time to dream... Remember how you feel when you enter a space that you love? That special place that allows you to pause and appreciate what you see? The Twelve O’Clock Dream vision is to create dream time space to allow for brief moments of escaping the harshness of daily life through 

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MINI MODERNS ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE PAINT Re-claimed, re-sponsible, re-splendent: Mini Moderns are proud to work with British manufacturers throughout their homewares collections, and their paint is no exception. Their specialist UK based paint manufacturers, have created a method of using 





Surface of Art... 3D SURFACE panels are designed to realize decorative coatings that can create infinite surfaces, without interruption or joints.  3D SURFACE launched the first collection designed under the artistic direction of Romano Zenoni, composed of 16 textures designed by Jacopo Cecchi, 





When a premiere 5-star restaurant in Toronto needed an artist installation that reflected their deep Canadian roots, they turned to Unitfive Design. The legendary Oliver & Bonacini restaurant, Canoe has always referenced elements of ‘the great white north’, so when it was remodeled by 


Geometry of Sensibus



The first collection of designer rugs from Lazerian, "Geometry of Sensibus", is based on the geometry of the five human senses: touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing. Each design was modelled in a 3D computer programme, then taken back to its basic wireframe to give a sense of depth to a flat 

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‘13’ Wallpaper Collection



The ‘13' wallpaper collection introduces three new patterns, Jewel, Ash and Sombre. Drawing influences from Arabian architecture, dark nights and nature, ‘13' was born, which captures snippets of an opulent colour palette represented through a rich aubergine and teal. Using Ghundoo's iconic 

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Once upon a time ...In a world devoid of colour and inspiration, a magical wallpaper collection brought about a Happily Ever After.... Graham & Brown's new Spellbound collection of wallpapers draw on the influence of fairytales to create a magical set of interior prints. The collection includes 

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Giles Miller Surfaces



Giles Miller Studio has created the entrance to Clerkenwell Design Week in the form of a timber archway made up of 20,000 angled wooden pixels. The archway sits inside the original concrete arches of the Farmiloe building, a 150 year old warehouse that has become the hub of the Clerkenwell Design 

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Odyssey is the newest collection of wallpaper from global wall design leader Graham & Brown. From the Superfresco Easy Brand, the Odyssey collection consists in patterns of soft waves juxtaposed against masculine geometrics to create a truly page-turning experience. Sublime metallic 

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