Stacking Vessels



The Stacking Vessels collection combines three craft processes, materials and makers for each project. The pieces consist of three individual containers, stacked to create a vessel shape. Once disassembled the objects become functional, serving as bowls. When stacked, the pieces are sculptural, exhibiting 

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New Lifestyle



New Lifestyle comes to us from the building housing Design Museum Denmark – a former hospital in central Copenhagen, transformed into a museum by Kaare Klint at the beginning of the last century, which underlines the collection’s new aesthetic.   This series of images expands on 

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Wall & Floor Tiles



London-based company Lindsey Lang Design have expanded on their inspirational collection of geometric kitchenware and cushions with the launch of an extensive range of wall and flooring tiles. Lang's confident translation of her designs onto tiles creates jaw-dropping Gio Ponti-esque 

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Recycled Silk Chair, Ottoman & Stool



The design concept was to recycle old "sari" silk ribbons and yarn, turning it into upholstery. "When I first saw silk ribbon skeins, and heard about their story it fascinated me. They were not garbage, their colours, texture are so warm and exotic. They are such stuff which you want to touch and see at 

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Moroccan Bazaar



"Moroccan Bazaar, is a leading supplier and manufacturer of exquisite Moroccan interiors, a family business spanning three generations dating back to 1946. Today, the company, which initially started out as a wholesale supplier, has evolved into a well known and trusted name in the manufacture and 

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Folk by Alice... Alicia Behar is a new artisan furniture and home product designer from Mexico City. Her colourful collection of handmade textiles helps indigenous makers and artisans across Mexico. Alice explains: "After traveling around different parts of Mexico, I selected fabrics that reminded me 

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Tamasyn Gambell



Tamasyn Gambell screen prints all their materials in London using water-based pigments. All fabrics are sourced from both Irish and European mills and their cushions and lampshades are made in the UK by small factories/craftspeople. Tamasyn will be launching her new range of printed cushions, lampshades 

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Mineheart Collection



Mineheart takes its name from the Shakespearian English words 'mine' and 'heart', meaning 'my heart'. This expresses their passion to create freely, without restraint. The company was launched in 2010 by designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia of Studiomold and Young & Battaglia. The duo is 

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alp collection



alp started in 2009 in London. All products are designed by Swiss born London-based Annick L Petersen. The alp range includes furniture, rugs, lighting and accessories with a contemporary, functional and classic style. alp's collection focusses on patterns made out of leather weave in white and 

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An amalgamation of things



Frank designed furniture and textiles and Ericson had an eye for detail and presentation. They called it "Accidentism" or "The Happy Chances Philosophy." Their conviction that a home should be an eclectic mix of old and new, of different styles, colours and patterns, lives on today in the store and in 

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The Tom Kundig Collection



In 2012, Olson Kundig Architects launched the Tom Kundig Collection—a steel accessories line focused on intimately scaled hardware components. Each piece celebrates the moments when people touch the buildings and spaces they inhabit. Envisioned as the first of several product lines by the firm, the 

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The "Douglas Coupland for SwitzerCultCreative" Collection includes five pieces of furniture designed with the goal of creating an ideal writing environment that would work in small living spaces or create a comfortable "Writer's Nook" in a large space. The desk, bookcase and chair are 


Leaf and Cricket



With the rise of the world population, living space is becoming more valuable for everyone. Urbanisation and the need for flexibility are longing for effortless space saving design. Folditure has taken on the challenge of creating unparalleled space-saving solutions. Table and chairs seemed like a logical 

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Cult British design brand Mini Moderns has created Concert, a new collection for Southbank Centre. Featuring line drawings of musical instruments, the design was conceived to represent the immense variety of musical performance that is staged at Southbank Centre. Mini Moderns founders, Keith Stephenson 





Mashiko-yaki (pottery) is a Japanese pottery which has been nationally designated as a traditional Japanese craft, born form the fusion of locally resourced Mashiko clay and the art of glazing. In 1924, Living National Treasure Shiji Hamada began creating Mashiko-yaki, founded on the principles of the 


IKUKO Iwamoto



Ikuko Iwamoto's new collection of handmade ceramics make tea time a bizarre and interesting experience. Ranging from sake sets, to mugs and tea pots, Iwamoto uses the influences of the sea to create practical and ornamental ceramic pieces. The artist herself says, "I make exquisite cups and other 

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Alexander Pelikan has designed ‘Cliclounger Set’, made of European cherry wood, Pilkington extra clear glass, and manufactured by using the most advanced production technique of CNC diamond milling. Pelikan says of his project, “In CLICFURNItURe I translated the ideas of the modernists 


Boom SP Design



"BRAZIL DESIGN: BoomSPdesign will bring together best of new Brazilian furniture designers at conference in Sao Paulo" Last year I had the honor of being a guest speaker at the creative forum BoomSPdesign, the multi-discipline conference that happens once a year in Sao Paulo. I talked about the 

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