Mobília Tomada



Brazilian visual artist Rodrigo Bueno is known for rescuing natural materials and using them within his work. Founder of studio Mata Adentro, which translates as an invitation to the ‘Jungle Inside', Bueno calls attention to the organic medium of wood due to an abundance of waste wood and fallen 

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Clothes Horse



Using Kebony wood, designer Aaron Dunkerton has created a beautifully crafted and innovative alternative to the traditional clothes horse, comprised of intersecting slats, the cross-section of which forms the shape of a star. "The dramatic star shape is not only attractive for its design purposes but also 

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Young & Norgate Collection



The new collection by Devon-based designers Young & Norgate for 2013 includes the highly crafted Folk Dining Table, Wonder Cabinet, and Cooper Stool. The Wonder Cabinet A fresh take on the curio cabinet, the Wonder Cabinet uses traditional structural elements and combines them with a modern oak 

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Jules Wabbes Editions



100% Design London was the arena chosen for the Jules Wabbes Editions 2010 official launch in the United Kingdom. Although one of Belgium’s most prominent interior architects and furniture designers of the fifties and sixties, Wabbes never achieved the recognition of his French counterparts, Jean 

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DAM - a new lighting and furniture brand Hugo Silva and Joana Santos develop Design solutions, involving strategic thinking, technology and identity. Graduated in Design from the University of Aveiro in Portugal, their passion to develop new objects and brands led them to be co-founders of 

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BuzziSpace make innovative and modern office/contract furniture, lighting, accessories, flooring, and other pieces that aim to solve the design problem first, but with green materials.  Instead of simply designing an office cubicle just for the sake of it, BuzziSpace takes a different 

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Galvin Brothers Collection



Moonshine Footstool - Solid Oak Upholstered Footstool The Moonshine Footstool is a generous disc of sumptuous upholstery on top of a solid oak base. Available in a range of refined colours, with a centred upholstered button detail returning to the undercarriage against the natural wood finish. The 

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Trialog and Spire



Philipp was born and raised in Hanover, and for the last few years he has been studying at the Bergen Academy of Art & Design. While there he has embraced every element of Norwegian life and culture. Trialog is a highly ergonomic, three- legged, beautifully handcrafted wooden chair designed for 

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The OSLO series for Muuto, designed by Norwegian design studio Anderssen & Voll, consists of a three and two–seater sofa, a chair and a pouf. Comfortable and airy, the collection has a round and embracing top upholstered in fabric from Kvadrat with built in pillows. Crafted on the west coast 


Design by nico



Design by nico is the brainchild of Nicolette de Waart launched in 2011, producing her Leaf Seat and Leaf Rugs, hand-made in the UK by top-quality craftsmen. Nicolette is committed to using sustainable materials in her work: “My latest designs are made from wool, a timeless, natural fabric that 

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Monomoka are twin sisters Katarzyna and Monika Gwiazdwska, trained architects from Poland creating objects of form and functionality through graphic arts, set design and now, furniture design. Their new collection  ranges from crocheted rolled stools to knitted poufs and cushions made with numerous 


Michael Anastassiades Exhibition



As a young man, Josef Frank was a part of early Vienna Modernism's front figures. But by the beginning of the 1920s, he had begun to question modernism's growing programmatic streak. The French architect Le Corbusier's belief that a house should be a "machine for living in," was not to Frank's taste. He 

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The Modena collection helps to shape the future of design through the extensive combinations of modular seating, featuring a show wood base with an uninterrupted flowing line which avoids double legs.  The corner unit, further enhances this design detail and answers our customers brief for 

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Stick Coat Stand



Tamawa LOCK (by Sylvain Willenz) is a reinterpretation of the archetypal coat-stand. Inspired by COATED, a former coat-stand project, Willenz developed LOCK, a simple and effective solution comprising a Bakelite ball and three sticks. The particularity of this coat-stand lies in the 

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Bring a combination of Art, Fun and Architectural design into your life. The PUZZLE is composed of four easy chairs, two lounge chairs, two coffee tables, and an occasional table that cleverly nest together when not in use to create a most surprising architectural piece. The ergonomic form of these nine 


To Have & To Hold



The latest furniture collection from James Plumb, To Have & To Hold tells a narrative that re-examines the sentiment of mortal attachment. Worn, neglected and discarded pieces have been vested with time and repurposed to find new form and use as contemporary compositions - quiet meditations and novel 

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The Woonling Collection by Karoline Fesser is a furniture concept that explores changing living- and room situations.  Just like living organisms the green algae inspired cushions can build various structures. T-squares, flat connectors and furniture feet can be plugged in the ports between each of 





Harvey is an enticing range of upholstered sofas and chairs that combines a traditional aesthetic with elements of British eccentricity. Each piece can be produced in a vast range of fabrics and leathers. Contrasting button detailing, upholstered back and shoulder panels and pleated arm sections complete