Ukrainian designer Max Voytenko of Line Studio has designed a modular bookshelf with a unique design aesthetic, featuring graphic lines that traverse its frame. The shelving system offers a variety of combinations based around two modules. Each one can be fixed to the wall and rotated at different 

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360 shelf



The 360 shelf is an adjustable shelving display unit designed by Luka Pirnat. The system changes the way books, technological gadgets and objects are organised in the user's space, with a simple and practical solution that is easily adjustable from any angle. Using a simple built in adjustment system 

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Paris-based Japanese architects ARCHIEE have recently completed their latest project, based around the product échelle. Originally, the product was conceived as a showcase for an exhibitor at the Paris Air Show held at Salon du Bourget. Rather than disposing of the shelf once the show finished, 

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Aris Architects recently designed a new product for Polarislife, a well-established industrial firm who specialise in contemporary kitchens. DOTS bookshelf is an eye-catching modular storage system, conceived as a fitted vertical space which can be adapted to any environment. The bookshelf is composed of 

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Plateau is a range of simple and stylish shelves created by German designer Felix Klingmüller for ECHTSTAHL. Its specific design means that each shelf can be effortlessly rotated by 180 degrees, providing unique positioning possibilities for the user's wall. Furthermore, the adaptable shelves come in 

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BUILD Modular Shelving



A single modular element is the essence of this new shelving system. The system allows for the creation of your own composition and to construct an endless variety of configurations and forms. Incredibly versatile, BUILD can be used as shelving or partition, freestanding or mounted on the wall. The 

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The Beat-Shelf



At first glance it may not be apparent what Beat is used for, but take a closer look and it is evident that designers Van Tjalle En Jasper have created an innovative way of storing books and magazines without the need for bookends. An iconic shape, the shelf was designed around philosophical conversations 

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From fifti-fifti, a new label designing products for different areas of life, comes Backpack: Modular Shelving System. The young company produce objects that are highly original and individually functional, with inspiration coming from the rapid change that designer Maximilian Schmahl observes with Berlin 

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Wallmonds Shelves Frame



Wallmonds is a project that has been developed by the Studio of Gonçalo Campos in order to experiment and play with product typologies, communication methods, production and delivery to the final user, in a way that their work designing for other brands doesn't allow. This freedom and the direct 

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Nendo have created a new furniture collection titled ‘deep-sea', composed of a low table and shelving unit for glass manufacturer Glasitalia. Glasitalia are a company known for their superb technical manipulation of colour, cut and adhesion for sheet glass. It's possible to colour glass by melting 

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Continuing the development of the Christopher Jenner ‘home editions', Jenner presents the "Devisor" shelving collection. "Devisor" is a testament to the owner, a personal platform of cherished curiosities. Marrying Italian craftsmanship and British design the collection is inspired by ancient 

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VG&P Croquet Shelving



CROQUET SHELVING  Designed by Michael Marriott this practical and considered piece of design in oak, stainless steel and folded sheet steel fits perfectly with VG&P's aesthetic and ethos.  The wall mounted extendable shelving system is available in both a 3 Hoop and 5 Hoop configuration 

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RayShelf is a revolutionary shelving system designed by Italian Architect, Matteo Gerbi. The design introduces a sense of duality to wall mounted furniture by functioning as both a practical bookshelf and a work of art. The concept is simple, take two or more lightweight metal bars, insertthem between 





A sculptural work on the continuity of lines with urban inspiration and linked to a reflection on graffiti. This shelf is in plywood, the light is an element that takes the characteristic shape of books. 

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A visually striking wall mounted shelf inspired by the movement of waves. This shelf achieves maximum impact primarily through the use of colour. Ideal for an entrance hall to store general items like mobile phones, keys and post. Available in a variety of sizes and colours. Made to order. 

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Sea Defence Range



Sea Defence is a beautiful and functional collection of furniture bringing together the sculptural, strong and iconic nature of sea defences, creating elegant, usable functional pieces of furniture in a collection of coffee tables, wall mounted shelves and lights. The collection is made up from the simple 

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Azumi shelving



Shin Azumi's new modular storage unit comes in individual sections. It can be transformed from a modular straight wall storage unit into a corner storage unit and comes in walnut. W 600 x H 2180 x D 370 

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Secret Code



Part of the larger Code shelving family, Code 1 is fitted with invisible magnets, recessed below the surface of the wood meaning the units can join together to create a stable wall.  Crafted from MDF in Anthracite black and American walnut veneer, the Code is also available in white and three other 

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