Mobília Tomada



Brazilian visual artist Rodrigo Bueno is known for rescuing natural materials and using them within his work. Founder of studio Mata Adentro, which translates as an invitation to the ‘Jungle Inside', Bueno calls attention to the organic medium of wood due to an abundance of waste wood and fallen 

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Passage is a collection of rugs designed by Jean-François D'Or of Loudordesign Studio, produced and distributed by Belgian rug brand ANGELO. D'Or's design concept relates to a spider on a mirror of water, his feet rising only with the white stripes of light from the sun. This is his 

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'Graffito Velvet' Noelle



Husband and wife duo Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon are celebrating ten years since the launch of their London-based furniture company Pinch. To mark the occasion, they have taken 2014's Noelle Sofa, a three seater sofa with full width seat cushion and two lumbar cushions, and customised it with a 

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HIMMEE is the brainchild of Finnish designer Timo Niskanen, a new lighting brand founded in 2014 with a discreet design language that suits Scandinavian style homes perfectly. The first collection of lamps, encompassing eight new products, includes the Filly family. These lamps were created almost 

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Russian architect and designer Fedor Katcuba works on both individual interior space and furniture projects, as well as product design for mass production. His latest piece of furniture ‘workinmotion' is a set of tables for co-working spaces. The essential idea behind his design was having the 

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Eco Pot



Ukrainian product and furniture designer Julia Kononenko has designed a versatile desk accessory, suitable for homes and offices alike. The ‘Eco Pot' is a small wooden planter with integrated pen holder. It invites the user to welcome nature into their daily lives, by combining one corner for pens 

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New Order



Designed by Stefan Diez for HAY, the New Order shelving system is a product of its time as the shelving unit becomes a stage for storytelling, somewhere to exhibit personal objects and curios collected over the years. New Order matches the needs of today's generation by providing a shelving system that 

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InGrid is a modular bathroom system designed by Jean-François D'Or for Vika. Much more than a space to simply wash your hands and body, the collection was conceived to make the user really feel at home in their bathroom, at the start and end of their day, delivering a personal touch. With a large 

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Lapala Collection



Spanish furniture developer and manufacturer, Expormim has recreated a classic symbol of Mediterranean elegance with its "Lapala" collection by Lievore Altherr Molina Studio. Looking to revitalise the iconic braided chair so typical of the Mediterranean region, Expormim reedited the design conceived in 

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Is there any need to design a new stool? Aren't there enough already? These are the questions that Estudio Pedro Feduchi first asked themselves when designing their new ‘Crick' Stool. The design practice first looked at the essential requirements of a stool. Naturally, it should be suitable for 

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Astfrei, a collaboration inspired in California, manufactured in Switzerland, have released their first concept: CS1, a corresponding coffee table and side table. The pair of tables speak a fluent form language with an emphasis on material exploration. An interplay of California based walnut, unfinished 

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Bothles is a collection of double-use vases for displaying both cut flowers and growing plants, designed by Italian product and interior design studio AAIDO MA and produced by LITHHO Ceramic Italy srl. The vases incorporate the aesthetic qualities of plants into their design; they are decorative but also 

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German designer Veronika Gombert has created Umleiter, a suspension lamp and light diverter that has been constructed purposefully to illuminate areas of a room in which the electricity connection is not where the user wishes the lamp to be hanging. Working with gravity, this is a lighting tool that 

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360 shelf



The 360 shelf is an adjustable shelving display unit designed by Luka Pirnat. The system changes the way books, technological gadgets and objects are organised in the user's space, with a simple and practical solution that is easily adjustable from any angle. Using a simple built in adjustment system 

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Gathering Party Ware



Designed by Taiwan based Chi and Chi Studio for Saniyo, Gathering Party Ware is a party tableware collection whose design borrows concepts from astronomical objects. Chi and Chi took the geometric shapes, patterns and arrangements of planets and the galaxy to develop their designs, with plates, cups and 

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PATINA Candlesticks



Made with a Patina Marble effect top and a wood painted base the PATINA Candlesticks combine both old and new making techniques. Designer Lola Lely uses age-old metal colouring techniques alongside innovative formulae and oxidation methods, creating a truly original 

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Wood Base Lamps



Since Matthew Cleland founded Score + Solder in 2009, his collection of handmade terrariums and planters has drawn attention from around the world. With fifteen unique terrarium models and an array of custom work to show for himself, Cleland's newest addition to the Score + Solder product line is a 

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HEC Project 2014



Each year, second-year industrial design students from the University of Montreal are required to design a product that meets a daily challenge. They have six weeks to go from idea to design, manufacturing and sale of their products. They are supervised by their instructor, Jean-François Jacques, 

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