Love Hultén Wednesday 02 Jul 2014

Graduating from the HDK Wood Design School in Gothenburg, Sweden in June 2014, Love Hultén combines a small-scale-local-culture love with beautiful craftsmanship of the highest standard. As an innovator, Hultén fuses advanced technology with traditional artisan knowledge, creating a unique symbiosis between function and aesthetics.  

Love Hulten's BIDA (which in English means "await") lamp has been designed to reflect balance and tranquillity amidst the continuous buzz of modern living. The BIDA lamp is an attempt to acknowledge the benefits of health and inner piece by reflecting nature in design.

Inspired by the form of honeycomb, the BIDA represents simplicity and harmony in a hexagonal shape that is at once geometric and beautifully natural. Continuing the inspiration from nature, the BIDA lamp produces a warm, organic glow by filtering light through a meticulously considered sheet of natural beeswax. The Arduino light system, comprising a calculated number of LEDs pulsating at random, warms the beeswax creating a tranquil light show that reduces stress clears the mind. As the beeswax warms the scent of sweet honey is released into the air adding to the soothing atmosphere and purifying the air for a truly rejuvenating experience.   

This closer-to-nature-approach is a ritual treat for mind and soul. The modular, hexagonal design equips the BIDA lamp with abundant versatility; it compliments a range of different styles of interiors and can be used individually or fused together using magnets incorporated into each inside wall. The hexagonal shape is ideal when it comes to creating organic patterns, making the BIDA a very adaptable system for varied lighting requirements.

All wood processing is done by Love Hultén himself and all products are polished and assembled in Gothenburg. Ranging from original concept computers and arcade gaming gemstones in solid wood and precious metals, to modular lamps made from bees wax, Hultén's intention is to present personal stories with character, playfulness and mystique.