Basket Lamp
Nendo Monday 30 Jun 2014

Designed and produced in collaboration with Kanaami-Tsuji, the Kyoto-based wire netting craftsmen, the Basket Lamp has been crafted using wire netting originally intended for cooking utensils. The same artisan-crafted wire, usually formed into implements for lifting blocks of tofu from boiling water for the famous Kyoto dish yudofu, was instead developed into a lamp shade, broadening the wire's function and expanding its potential within a domestic setting.

The design accommodates Kanaami-Tsuji's ethos of preserving the craft's traditions whilst developing it for contemporary living and opening it up to future generations by turning the wire into a dynamic, multi-purpose material. The pattern of the wire woven into the lamp shade reflects onto the ceiling, creating a strong visual through fragmented light placement. To further highlight the silhouette, powder paint was used to finish the surface of the wire.