Full Circle
3form Thursday 26 Jun 2014

The long-term collaboration between the 3form design team and artisans in Ndem, Senegal, has provided beautiful products made from locally sourced materials as well as a viable form of employment for local crafts people. Combining the skill and craft of the artisans with modern technology, 3form's aim is to design and produce modern products which make a difference to small communities. Together, they have developed four new patterns-part of the brand's spring collection-available as interlayers encapsulated in Varia Ecoresin®; dynamic translucent resin panels that transform spaces with striking dimension and colour, which can be used to create walls, dividers and sliding doors.

The latest interlayer collection is entitled Full Circle, comprised of Tribe Sunset, Tribe Seagrass, Dance and Pogo. As an adaption to Ensign, a previous pattern developed by 3form's design team and the artisans of Ndem, Tribe features horizontally stitched fabric chains. Dance and Pogo are made from bent wire, introducing a new material into 3form's range of interlayers. More linear and angular, Dance keeps the eye moving around the panel. While circular and fluid, Pogo resembles hand-drawn scribbles. The collection reflects linear movement and modern angles, balanced with organic, circular shapes.   

For 3form, the creative process was entirely collaborative; designs were born from a process of sharing visions, exploring ideas and finding solutions together with the artisans. They found that working with wire made any shape possible. As fine, dimensional material, the wire was flexible and easy to work with. It was manipulated using a variety of techniques to become the solid form of what once was an idea, bringing the concept to life. 

"Social sustainability is part of our core mission at 3form," said Jill Canales, senior VP of marketing and design, 3form. "With the products created for the Full Circle Collection, we aim to create new markets for their crafts-new opportunities they wouldn't normally have." 

The profits from 3form's products are returned to full-circle communities through projects such as organic gardens, solar chargers and micro-savings organisations which help to empower women.