Skrivo Wednesday 25 Jun 2014

Founded in 2011 by the Croatian-Irish product designer Stefan Krivokapic, Skrivo is a Milan based design consultancy specialising in industrial design across furniture and lighting sectors. Their projects aim to remain conscious of available manufacturing techniques while paying special attention to materials. Skrivo are also dedicated to constant research into new materials in order to create products that attain a balance of function and aesthetics in order to create innovative products.

Designed by Skrivo in collaboration with Sancal, the inspiration for Collar's initial concept was stimulated by the way a collar folds. The upholstery flows from the seat, up the supporting sides and returns on itself, eliminating any visually sharp edges and creating a more comfortable chair. This continuity of material also lends a distinct element of visual detail setting this chair apart from its contemporaries. 

A chair from an atelier, Collar combines technology and craftsmanship. The injection-moulded interior followed intense modelling. The upholstery is tailored just like a made to measure suit. Even the buttons neatly securing the folded collar of fabric are upholstered to match the seat cushion, underscoring the importance of every last detail and producing an understated and instantly iconic chair.   

There are two variations available for Collar's leg finish: textured epoxy metal in black, grey or brown for a chic aesthetic, or ash wood for a natural feel available in any colour from Skrivo's collection. 

Photo credit: Gabriele Lemanski