Foscarini Wednesday 25 Jun 2014

Tuareg boasts a decidedly sculptural presence, standing out in space with a strong totem-like appeal. The new project by Ferruccio Laviani for Foscarini, consists of simple, elegant tubular elements which create a structure with a personality resembling an artistic installation. References to the world of contemporary art stand out among Laviani's sources of inspiration, ranging from echoes of land art to hand crafted architecture.

 Its weight bearing structure, perfectly balanced by two invisible ballasts, is defined by branched tubular elements joined together with visible screws. Going beyond traditional geometric shapes, Tuareg features a surprising "ordered chaos" with astonishing stability and harmonious shape balance. 

Equipped with three LED light sources adjustable to 360° with touch dimmers that can be switched on or off completely independently, Tuareg is the product of an incredible industrialisation process, which brought this visionary project to fruition. An effective light technology brought the power cables inside the tubes so that only a single electric cable exits from the lacquered aluminium and polycarbonate structure of the lamp. Its touch switch allows the lamp to be free of any superstructures, complimenting the elegance of its silhouette. 

A distinguishing trait of all Laviani's work, colour plays a fundamental role in this project. Different colour tones define the silhouette of the lamp and reveal its intimate nature. Tuareg is available in two colour finishes: an orange which echoes the industrial feel of the anti-rust paints used to treat tubing, and black chrome resembling scaffolding. 

Tuareg's feature for controlling each of the three light sources separately emphasises its versatility, multiplying its potential uses. It can be used as a reading lamp, a wall lamp or a floor lamp that lights by reflection. Ideally positioned in large spaces, Tuareg will enhance entrances, halls, executive offices and showrooms - also when used in compositions, it truly takes centre stage.

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