Livable Products
FANtasized Tuesday 24 Jun 2014

Belgian designer, Sep Verboom's international thesis project FANtasized is all about sustainability and green awareness in developing countries. Teaming up with social environmentalist Councilor Hon. Nida Cabrera, a project was launched to innovate waste programs in Barangay Luz by creating a new recycled product out of local waste materials. 

The first FAN product was launched in 2012 and in the continuous pursuit for new and creative ways to integrate scrap materials into beautiful handmade pieces, FANtasized presented a new fan-inspired collection at Milan's Ventura Lambrate Furniture Fair in April this year entitled ‘Livable Products'. 

Old fans are purchased in junkshops and are combined with traditional weavings by local craftsmen.  FANtasized lampshades are made out of recycled electric fan guards, waste strips, carefully crafted Mahogany stands and creativity vision. The fan guards are personally selected, and bought directly from the local scrap merchants, stimulating the local economy. The strips are waste materials from a chair factory that uses those long strips to make woven chairs. Every product is made by hand, each with its own great story. From mirrors to poofs, this design initiative breathes new life into old fans and other discarded items. The rattan materials provide a natural touch and connect the products to a rich culture of weaving industry in Cebu City. 

Verboom's FANtasized project focuses on more than just a product collection. By implementing creativity trainings to maximize involvement, the local community feels a sense of ownership. All ‘Livable Products' are improved and approved by the residents leaving locals inspired by the possibilities. What drives them is threefold: raising environmental awareness; pursuing a well-balanced design approach and supporting communities in the Philippines. 

Photo credit: Wouter Maeckelberghe