Anyway Sofa
Massproductions Wednesday 14 May 2014

With a carefully considered and engineered selection of elements, the Anyway Sofa System allows for variation, with a wide range of configurations - in fact, it can accommodate internal and external bends of both 30 and 90 degrees! It is also extremely comfortable thanks to its sprung and angled seat in combination with a contoured backrest, which can be high or low as desired.

With two options for seat height, and a variety of leg finishes in wood and metal, the Anyway Sofa adapts perfectly to any requirement, looking great in any space. Slim and streamlined, the seating modules will snake through any environment - reception areas, restaurants, hotel lobbies, and more. And always with an air of natural panache. This sofa does more than standard sofas, it becomes a tool for generating the most out of a space, when and wherever its user is in need of some elegant, comfortable and contemporary seating.

"I saw a need for a sofa that closely related to the space it found itself in. The Anyway Sofa complements interior spaces, almost to the point where it becomes part of the architecture." Chris Martin, Designer.

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Massproductions is a Stockholm based furniture company, run by experienced designers Chris Martin and Magnus Eleb├Ąck. Massproductions develop high quality, tactile furniture in a modernist spirit.