Patch di Fiammati collection
MissoniHome Wednesday 16 Apr 2014

This collection of sofas, poufs, cushions, tables and rugs features cool tones, smooth lines and linear graphics to create a vibrant collection. Designed by Rosita Missoni, the range shows off the endless interplay between furnishings and fashion with silk jacquards, watercolour tapestries and quilted fabrics all embodied in the collection.

The 2014 Collection from Missoni Home brings with it a new energy, using emblematic signs and a whirl of variables. The rich ornamentation encourages a modern vision of furnishings, while cool tones, smooth lines and linear graphics form a concrete counterbalance to eccentricity. The powerful impact of the designs - particularly their textures - gives an energy and contagious vitality to decorative interior spaces; both for large and small spaces, suggesting free choreographic inventions. The Patch di Fiammati collection, designed by Rosita Missoni, embodies the magic of the endless interplay that links furnishing and fashion.

Bold, pictorial stripes in shaded or bright bands appear on sheer backgrounds. Oversized, rigorous chevron and zigzags run hither and thither, as thick and playful as multicolour serpentines: on PVC, embroidered on tulle, embossed on wool. Materials include amazing silk jacquards, plus seamless and quilted fabrics. There are also soft velvets, printed cottons and linens, sheer tulles and distressed macramés, in alternating cool, brilliant and vintage tones, solid and vibrant with blocked-out effects.

Furnishings are very soft: cushions, poufs, rugs, eye-catching fabric panels. The matching elements are sofas, chairs, lamps and low tables. Material textures are alternated and contrasted with other elements such as leather, PVC or wood producing a strong aesthetic effect. New in this collection: the stunning sofas upholstered in watercolours and trompe l'oeil; leather sofas in classic shades; geometric shaped poufs. The chairs ‘dressed' in patchwork are particularly distinctive, as are the interior chairs upholstered in printed and embroidered fabrics.

Colours are playful and varied, including faded natural shades from sand and white coral to deep, crystal-clear blues and azures. Wispy mists of shadows and light can be seen together with the intensity of watercolours and enamels and bright pop and folk tones. These are fusions of rich, delicate and shaded tones with a few veins of light in matt gold and classic stories in black-and-white.

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Home, one of Rosita's biggest passions. Life choices and lifestyles lie behind the MissoniHome project, which over the years has changed and expanded from fabrics to furnishings. It's like a building in constant evolution.