Kuu Lamp for One Nordic
Design Stories Thursday 10 Apr 2014

Kerstin Sylwan & Jenny Stefansdotter of Design Stories, use design as a tool for visualizing and enabling change. Their emphasis is on social and environmental issues. They work with the design method’s ability to make use of everything from tech to trash. The variation in materials inspires their process, and they like to let the nature of the materials follow through into the final product. Design Stories aim to create more beauty from fewer resources.

A year ago, Design Stories launched the Project ‘Merry-Go-Round’, with a caterpillar as the logo: A symbol of Sylwan and Stefansdotters design process and for the butterfly which they hoped it would develop into. Their lamp is now being launched in One Nordic’s collection 2014 under the name Kuu Lamp. Kuu means moon in Finnish and the lamp’s subtle light sifted through sunscreen fabric gives it its poetic light fitting for the name. The base is still waste material and the lamp has become even easier to pack, send and install.