FRAMES Collection
Hayon Studio Friday 28 Mar 2014

The history of Expormim, a third generation family firm, created a challenge for Jaime to tell an old story in a new and interesting way. All of Expormim's products have a strong identity and exude a flavour of the Mediterranean area they hail from, a characteristic they share with Hayon. For the FRAMES collection which includes an armchair, a screen and a side table, he has combined his respect and love for the Expormim traditions with his unique design sensibility to create clever pieces that take a new approach to the way in which the material is used.

Rattan is almost unique as a furniture material in that is requires no additional components to function. Taking this material, Hayon created a series of frames that come together offering comfort and flexibility. While the classic use of rattan includes multiple diameters and abundant links, Hayon creates a formula to compose the pieces, simplifying them and organising their structure. Each screen of wicker frames a classic braiding that evokes the past, but the whole takes the sinuous forms characteristic of the designer and his illustrations. Jaime Hayon takes advantage of the continuity that these fibres are able to provide to follow the line of his drawings, while other materials would have required assembly.

FRAMES holds the old tale of craft and tradition within a new framework of innovation, a story within a story. The nested narrative of Hayon's designs bring the traditional outdoor furniture inside, adding a layer of glamour to the rustic charm of the material. What was once only a seasonal story can now be told all year round; with this simple yet sophisticated aesthetic, FRAMES has all the properties of a contemporary classic.

Photographer: Klunderbie

Sketches by Jaime Hayon