Buk and Slice
Normann Copenhagen Friday 28 Mar 2014

Normann Copenhagen presents Buk, designed by Supershape and Slice - an oak table top. The Buk Table Legs were designed by Danish design studio Supershape for Normann Copenhagen. Buk is a harmonic design made of oak, consisting of three round rods and a crossbar. Buk has a friendly and curved design and is easily assembled without tools.

Function and proportion were the main focus when Supershape first had the idea for Buk, created using simple lines and perfect proportions. The rounded, almost plump shapes give the design its personality. Two, three or more table legs can be purchased, depending on the length of the table. It's easy to assemble, disassemble and pack away. It is both a practical and attractive piece of furniture.

Normann Copenhagen has also launched Slice, a classic, attractive tabletop in soap-treated oak. The Slice Tabletop quite simply consists of three long, wide planks and is available in three different lengths. Two fine gaps between the planks create air and add character to Slice; simultaneously solid and contemporary.

The natural play of the wood is prominent in the rustic tabletop, where each plank accentuates the grain of the wood and its structure and gives life to the design. The hardness and durability of the material make it very suitable for tabletop use. Great attention has been paid to the details in order to create a completely aesthetic design that is timeless, harmonious and has a beautiful finish. For example, Normann Copenhagen has come up with an elegant solution where the crossbar has been placed inside of the tabletop. This means that the assembly of the three planks seen from the side is invisible and the tabletop appears as a unified whole.

The Slice Tabletop and Buk Table Legs allow numerous possibilities for adding one's own touch to their table. The two designs pair together beautifully for a natural Scandinavian look. However the legs can be paired with a black or white tabletop for a classic look or with a metallic sheet for a more futuristic look. Similarly, metal table legs give futuristic expression to Slice or coloured legs could be used for a funky style. The tabletop is ideal for use as a dining table in the kitchen or living room, as an alternative to a desk in the office or for restaurants. The two designs provide endless possibilities.