gliTch_desk & gliTch_shelf
Ryan Frank Tuesday 18 Mar 2014

Glitch_Desk was born from a ‘built to last' concept, with a strong structural design and made from environmentally friendly materials. Its steel frame provides the strength and the bamboo gives it a silky-smooth work surface. The workstation becomes multi-use with its extension feature, which serves as a hanging space for miscellaneous items which often clutter a desk's surface.  It features a slender shelf and cork pin board serve to further de-clutter the desk of papers.

Glitch_Shelf provides ample space for a range of objects to be easily stacked and stored, whilst a multitude of un-stackable objects can be kept out of the way with a set of chunky hooks buckled along a length of jute webbing.

As with many of Ryan Frank's designs, the products are designed with disassembly and material separation in mind. No glues, only screws and healthy timeless materials, are used to make this workstation/storage doublet. In terms of the materials used, bamboo was chosen due to its flexible, light and robust nature, and the fact that it grows exceptionally fast.  Environmentally it is useful; it does not require replanting after harvesting because a vast network of roots continually sprout new shoots, which soak up greenhouse gases and convert them into new green growth.  It also does all this without requiring pesticides and fertiliser making it an obvious choice for Frank, as many of his designs use only sustainable, green, natural, recyclable and renewable materials.

Cork was also used for Glitch, harvested from the cork oak. Being a completely sustainable resource grown in the Mediterranean, cork biodegrades and can be recycled without creating any significant secondary waste. The bark of the cork oak is stripped every seven to nine years leaving the tree intact and able to grow more cork for future use.