Blow Up Collection by Céline Godin
Thursday 27 Feb 2014

In 1956, Carmen Bourque opened Patio Rama Bourque, showing remarkable foresight and enterprising spirit at a time when the market for outdoor furniture and accessories was still relatively small.

From the outset, Mrs. Bourque insisted upon selling only the highest-quality products of impeccable design. With a keen eye for new, trendsetting merchandise, Jardin de Ville's founder took an approach to business that greatly contributes to the company's success to this day.

The Blow Up Collection, which includes a lounge, ottoman and loveseat was created by designer Céline Godin for Jardin de Ville. It has already won awards at the Interior Design Show in Toronto and is part of their 2014 Season Launch. The pieces use aluminium frames, covered with Sunbrella fabric to create the effect of a blow-up seat. The resulting seats are both stylish, functional and extremely comfortable. Additionally, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.