Water Dream
Nendo Wednesday 26 Feb 2014

In response to a request to create a product that combines the features of a lamp and a shower for the world's top shower fixture producer Hansgrohe's luxury brand, Axor, Nendo decided to do something different. Instead of adding a light to a shower head, which one might expect, they added shower functions to a lamp. The resulting product has both functional and aesthetic value.

It serves as a transparent lamp when the shower is not in use, allowing it to disappear into its surroundings. When used as a shower, light spills out from within the water jets, turning the entire shower into a luminous object.

They designed four versions of the lampshower: a pendant, wall-mounted and floor lamp. The floor lamp is not confined to the bathroom or shower booth, but can be moved around in the house, bringing showering to new spaces of the home, or taken outside onto a terrace or balcony. Again, this reconfigures the act of showering: no longer about 'going to take a shower' but 'taking the shower wherever you like'. Nendo hoped that by adding the many functions of lighting fixtures to a shower, they might liberate the act of showering?from previous limits and create a new, freer way to bathe.