Note Design Studio Wednesday 19 Feb 2014

Rise is a classic, elegant sofa with a strong individual expression. It bears the Scandinavian identity through its distinct base in wood, where the soft upholstered shape rests on top, with a characteristic tension in its high back.

Its major challenge is to work as well in public spaces as in a home. The wrap-around back of the sofa shields off a conversation from an open floor plan in a typical office environment or workspace.  Just as easily, it has a natural place in a home environment where it is soft and inviting. It should be homely, friendly and welcoming.

The integrated side table opens up and becomes a bridge between the piece of furniture and the rest of the room. You might want to use this space to place a favourite book, plant or whatever you choose to have close at hand.

Rise is a piece of furniture with warm design and modern lines.