Numéro 7
HI-MACS Monday 17 Feb 2014

Christophe Mayer, who previously designed the Puzzle Range, has once more collaborated with HI-MACS® in the creation of a new piece of furniture. Numéro 7 is a new console table made from HI-MACS® new generation acrylic stone and is a perfect fir for any hallway. The material gives the piece a unique flair and the unmistakable look of designer furniture.

Seven partitioning blocks provide a wide range of options for holding anything from magazines and letters to pens, smartphones and keys. Each space finds its own function. The lattice-like frame gives it a lightweight look that bounces colour onto the wall behind it. Numéro 7 comes in ten different finishes and can also be made to match the HI-MACS® palette of colors and textures.

Photo Credit Studio Erick Saillet