Monday 10 Feb 2014

POP is a series of lampshades hand-made of bamboo and metal produced together with the non-profit organization Sop Moei Arts in Chiang Mai.

For a while Studio Ljung & Ljung worked in a smaller scale taking both human and nature into account. They also work in a traditional way regarding the craftsmanship, but with a contemporary outlook.

In May 2013 a place called Mae Tola within the mountains of northern Thailand, workshops are put together with Sop Moei Arts. The lampshades are designed in modules, which can be combined in various ways. This also makes them easier to transport. All the bamboo for the lampshades is grown in the garden next to the workshop, nothing is taken from the wild. When the lampshade is put together it is placed over open fire. The procedure of smoking bamboo is a traditional method of eliminating pests and preserves the material. The smoke also turns the material darker and if way long enough it turns black as we liked it and used for the lampshades.

STUDIO LJUNG & LJUNG is a Stockholm-based design duo founded by architect Martin Hedenström Ljung and designer Greta Ljung in 2012. The lampshades are shown at Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014.

All photos by Greta Ljung.