Chouchin Mini
Foscarini Thursday 30 Jan 2014

Foscarini's family of Chouchin has now been broadened with a mini version thanks to designer Ionna Vautrin. This includes two models, each with its own colour: orange for the n.1 version and green for the elongated n.2 version. The lacquered glass screens the light completely and therefore the main body spreads light only where it is not coloured, through the white collar. It emits a very warm, gentle glow and a direct, strong and concentrated light. Its shape is perfect for use in multiple configurations, to create linear or vertical compositions.

It is based on the original series, combining the flowing curves Japanese paper lanterns and outdoor bamboo lights with warm, earthen shades. The lacquered glass gives a glossy coating and sophistication to the lights, that become both oriental and retro, suitable for a range of rooms in the home.

The collection also allows for unique lighting installations and compositions. A technical solution that couples function with design harmony: the multiple ceiling canopy makes it possible to create compositions of up to nine suspension lamps to create cascades of light with high emotional impact, particularly suitable to enrich a staircase. It is formed of a matt white lacquered metal that goes perfectly with the green and orange colours of the Chouchin mini.

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