The World of Interiors
Monday 25 Nov 2013

B&B Italia present a collection of furniture showcasing unusual shapes and a spectrum of colours.

"Hive" by Atelier Oï considers the furnishing complement to be particularly graceful and poetic: the object reveals great complexity despite its designation as an accessory, and provides a clearly original solution. An ottoman to sit on, accompanied by smaller tables set around it: a flower and its leaves. It is a "green" piece because it is created from the assembly of small leather "leaves", discarded from the manufacturing process. The ottoman's shape is hexagonal, its base is in black chromed steel rod with uprights covered in leather, while the tables in the composition are made from a folded sheet of painted in matt nickel bronzed metal. Glossy and matt, three dimensions and linearity, manual craftsmanship and geometry.

"Digitable" consists of small tables of perforated "water-jet" sheet steel painted in matt black or white colours and bent in the shape of a "U" with a peculiar open work decoration obtained through water trimming. Thanks to their shape, the tables "slide" on the floor when moved and can be partly superimposed to sofa seats or bed mattresses.

"Seven" is marked by the peculiar shape of the top with three sides of different lengths. It can seat seven or, as its designer would put it, six plus one. Other chairs can be arranged along its sides. The strong connotation is so peculiar as to impact the layout of the room it is placed in changing the way it is perceived. The pattern of the three-branch frame emerges through to the top's surface creating a graphic decoration to form a contrast or match the colour of the top. The steel sheet frame is painted in white, plum, mustard yellow, slate black colours. The wooden top is available in brushed light oak, brushed black oak, grey oak, smoked oak or satin painted.

"Terminal 1" presents elegance, fluidity and harmony. It starts with a glossy plastic material shell that floats on a painted metal frame of the same colour in a matt finish. Its form seems to be an invitation to try out its double function of armchair and chaise longue. The covers and colours were chosen for a monochromatic look that underscores the piece's formal elegance: four colours of leather for the seat cover, identical to the glossy and matt finish paint of the frame (white, anthracite, chamomile or teal).

"Shelf and Shelf X" are an essential shape with a strong, immaterial presence: the Shelf bookcase has different size variations. Two vertical sizes, one square model of a smaller size, and one horizontal model designed to be suspended from the wall. Shelf X is available in a single size, and can be positioned on the wall or at the centre of a room to function as a partition. All versions are made of DuPontTM Corian® (white acrylic material).