Trialog and Spire
Philipp von Hase Wednesday 04 Sep 2013

Philipp was born and raised in Hanover, and for the last few years he has been studying at the Bergen Academy of Art & Design. While there he has embraced every element of Norwegian life and culture.

Trialog is a highly ergonomic, three- legged, beautifully handcrafted wooden chair designed for reverse sitting, with a backrest that functions as an armrest when used backwards or sideways. Philipp noticed that when sitting in conventional chairs we often sink into the seat and don’t know where to put our arms and hands. With this in mind he set out to create a chair that encourages a more upright posture – something that is both healthy and helpful for improving body language in social settings.

Spire is a seed-shaped, three-legged ‘plantable’, made from solid maple wood and three-dimensional walnut veneer. The bowl in the centre is made from handmade porcelain. It was designed for a seed centre in Bergen, where visitors can learn about, purchase and swap seeds. The wooden surface plates can be opened to enable items to be stored inside. The central bowl can be used for planting herbs or keeping fruit, and can also be closed with a wooden or porcelain disk to create full tabletop surface.