Design by nico
Design by nico Tuesday 20 Aug 2013

Design by nico is the brainchild of Nicolette de Waart launched in 2011, producing her Leaf Seat and Leaf Rugs, hand-made in the UK by top-quality craftsmen. Nicolette is committed to using sustainable materials in her work: “My latest designs are made from wool, a timeless, natural fabric that brings softness and texture to any interior,” she says.

Leaf Seat

The aim in designing the Leaf Seat was to create a foot stool as an object of desire in its own right. Beautifully made by British craftsmen, the 100% wool-covered Leaf Seat is a modular concept. Though each one can be used as a stand-alone object in a room, the Leaf Seat’s dimension and shape enables it to be interlocked in a variety of combinations.

For galleries, museums, living rooms or offices, meanwhile, a host of Leaf Seats could be combined to create a forest effect. Used in large quantities in public spaces, Leaf Seats have an additional benefit in that they can be positioned against a wall when not in use to create an eye-catching display.

Dimensions: H40xL57xW39 cm; Material: Polyerethane foam upholstery on plywood frame. Easy-slide Chrome Base Furniture, Cushion Glides, 100% wool upholstery; Product colours and options: Divina green spring shades, Divina Autumn brown shades, ochre and autumn red.

Leaves Rug

This tactile rug, handmade from 100% wool and fully dry-cleanable, is sprinkled with wool leaves, bringing a little bit of nature indoors. A special stitching technique is used to create the ‘veins’ on each leaf, while its edges appear raised and curled as if it has just fallen from the tree.

The rugs can be made to measure in one of two colour ranges: spring green shades on a white or black background or autumnal browns and yellows on a white background. “I love the way clients are drawn towards the forest-floor-like feeling that the rugs create: they seem instantly attracted to the felt leaves, touching them as if they’re irresistible”.

Dimensions: 200 x180 cm; Material: 100% wool; Colours: Spring version in shades of green and also available in autumn version shades of brown with ochre.