Andrea Borgogni Collection
Andrea Borgogni Thursday 15 Aug 2013

Independent designer Andrea Borgogni from Milan, Italy presents his collection of chairs: the Maybe Chair, Exxo Chair, Nini Chair and Ladu Chair.

Maybe Chair is a chair made by two parts aluminium casted and two parts wood. The chair was the winner of the Salone Satellite award 2013 special mention.

Ecco Chair is a steel tube chair made from just one tube bended in one step. This chair has a particular swing that is different from any other chairs and is possible to have in two height variations depending on whether it is to be used for a table, or as an armchair.

The Nini chair is made starting from a sheet of aluminium 4mm laser cut and bent into shape. The aluminium main structure is 100% recyclable.

The Ladu Chair in wood won a RedDot design award 2012. Ladu is a solid timber chair that can be folded flat thanks to two rotating timber joints. The Ladu chair is easily folded, but when open is solid and comfortable. The concept focuses on the structure’s two V-shaped junctions which rotate and support weight. To fold the chair, the user must swing the seat up to the right; then the structure can be folded like a book. The back support is made with leather, which is both comfortable and foldable. The chair is made with solid woods such as American walnut, oak, or cherry. The Ladu chair is also available in an aluminium version for different uses.

Borgogni says, “All my projects start from an idea mixed with my passion for chairs”. All the designer’s products begin as research with a scale model, 3d modelling and drawings, he explains; “I like to combine tradition and new upcoming technology.”

Borgogni will be exhibiting his collection at Tent London on 19-22 September 2013.