Jake Dyson Thursday 20 Jun 2013

The CSYS TALL is the latest in the CSYS range from Jake Dyson Products. The past years have been dedicated to the development of this lighting range incorporating functional motion mechanics and our know-how and research, fulfilling a desire to challenge conventional mechanical movement and positioning of existing task lights.

The CSYS TALL is an innovative LED floor-standing task light. It is an environmentally conscious, dimmable light that marries breakthrough technology with sleek design offering precise light direction through three axes of mechanical movement. 

It has been designed using refined thermal management and heat pipe technology, which was developed for use in satellites and is now more commonly used to cool microprocessors in computers.

The heat pipe removes heat from the LEDs and spreads it along the arm. The heat is then dispersed into the air. This keeps the LEDs running at a cooler junction temperature of 60oC thereby increasing the life-span of the LEDs and using less energy.

Energy efficiency is maximised (five times more than a halogen bulb) and at only 8W means no replacement bulbs are required.  Cooling the LEDs also protects the consistency and longevity of the colour and brightness of the light which is retained with astonishing efficiency.

Heat pipe technology ensures sustainable, quality LED performance for over 160,000 hours of continual use, which equates to approximately 37+ years, at 12 hours use per day. This is a major breakthrough in LED lighting.

No other light moves in the same way. You can glide the CSYS up and down and from side to side and fully rotate the base without tangling the light cable. Please take a moment to watch the animation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQx4E-Er_T8 and http://vimeo.com/51151746 to fully appreciate and understand the features of the CSYS including the fluidity of movement.

The CSYS TALL is fully dimmable with a touch sensitive switch and light level memory. Inspired by a construction crane and drawing board, the CSYS is precision engineered to stay exactly where it is positioned without slack. Setting the LED head close to the working area allows focused illumination, while raising it creates a wide, even pool of light.

It stands at 141 cm with a whole arm width of 73 cm. At full height and full beam, the light creates a vast 2.5m diameter pool of warm white light.