Glen Fuller Tuesday 18 Jun 2013

The Star chair was designed with the intent on creating a “new to world” chair with a holistic balance of form, function and fashion. The Star chair consists of 4 legs, a seat and a back support but that is where any similarity to a typical chair ends. A unique 360 degree form reflects as much attention spent on the underside of the chair as the upper. The chair consists of an ergonomically comfortable seat and back and has 18 additional flat planes, 12 of which define the underside of the chair. Exhaustive hours were spent on ergonomic form studies, working with ergonomic experts, referencing ergonomic standards and testing assuring that important comfort requirements were met while still maintaining the star chair geometry. The 36” high Star Chair tapering seat back supports the spine fully while at the same time allows  unrestrictive upper body rotation for various sitting positions and tasks. The Star Chair 10 month development cycle began with thumbnail sketches, followed by CAD design detailing and modeling, SLA form study models, full scale cardboard mockups and ergonomic study models until the first full scale product was produced. The Star Chair is fabricated from .08”sheet 6061 aviation grade aluminum, machined from precision cad geometry, then welded and painted with a “show car” meticulous finish consisting of numerous coats of an opaque red pigment followed by several coats of a high build automotive acrylic finish finally buffed to a brilliant high luster. 

The chair is 36” high x 30”w x 32”d and was completed October, 2012.