Made in Ratio Friday 14 Jun 2013

The Cowrie collection is inspired by the concave lines of sea shells. The curvilinear forms are the result of an extensive research and innovation process, that bridges the handmade with the digital. Sweeping lines are displayed in a gentle, single surface monocoque fold. The all-in-one structure, formed in Ash faced plywood with either a natural or ebonised finish, comes in an elegant rocking lounger and a rock solid easy chair.
Designed by Brodie Neill as part of the debut launch for new British brand Made in Ratio, the Cowrie collection displays the perfect balance of form and function, art and design, craft and manufacture.

Inspired by nature and developed through endless handmade iterations, the design process draws upon the rich history of moulded plywood furniture merged with state of the art processes to create a contemporary furniture icon.

With responsible use of material an important driving factor, the Cowrie collection uses the inherent qualities of moulded plywood in an almost effortless fold, resulting in a fully self-standing curvilinear surface that is not only structural but sculptural. The Birch Plywood and Crown European Ash veneer are FSC certified with the entire Cowrie collection British made.

COWRIE COLLECTION designed by Brodie Neill for Made in Ratio 2013

Cowrie Rocker 1870mm L x 685mm W x 765mm H
Cowrie Chair 760mm L x 830mm W x 670mm H