Leaf and Cricket
Folditure Friday 14 Jun 2013

With the rise of the world population, living space is becoming more valuable for everyone. Urbanisation and the need for flexibility are longing for effortless space saving design. Folditure has taken on the challenge of creating unparalleled space-saving solutions. Table and chairs seemed like a logical place to start.

After a strong debut as a pharaoh's throne 4,000 years ago, the folding chair has evolved into an uncomfortable, unattractive, clunky - yetnecessary - household item, best hidden away when not in use. We figured it was a concept whose time has come.

The results came as we amalgamated the manufacturing process with the creative process. We anticipated that building an unconventional product would require unconventional manufacturing as well. The design and manufacturing aspects evolved in parallel, feeding onto one another, with the main design concept and function leading the way. And while many of the steps in manufacturing our products are decidedly "hi-tech", there are a lot of artisinal touches that help the process along, and are instrumental in the creation of these unique products.

Folditure's innovative designs, push the boundaries of the technically possible, and explore how exceptional function can be combined with quality materials and beautiful forms.

Design, architecture and engineering come together in Folditure's quest to create uniquely artful, functional and space-saving furniture. The Leaf and the Cricket fold effortlessly, in seconds, to ultra slim shapes and hang elegantly in the closet when not in use. It is a new concept in furniture - furniture with a hook.  The Leaf and the Cricket were launched in 2012.

The Leaf is a comfortable and artful dining-height chair that happens to fold. It folds flat to 0.625 inches to be the most compact, storable dining chair ever made and hangs in the closet (or on the wall).  Its elegant design invites conversation; its ergonomic construction and high backrest provide unparalleled comfort.

The Cricket is a sturdy table for two, and is also modular and it folds with one simple movement. Several Crickets can be clipped together, creating tables of varied lengths. Each Cricket folds flat to 0.75 inches and can hang in a closet as well. The Leaf and Cricket cater to a wide range of lifestyles and living spaces, at home in any setting from the outdoor patio to the dining room. And a seating arrangement for 2 people takes 2 inches of hanging space - less than a winter jacket.

Folditure's unique folding furniture utilises not only completely new and patented folding mechanisms, but also new and groundbreaking combinations of materials and assembly processes.

Both the Leaf and the Cricket are made of Aluminum Composite Panel (5mm phenolic core sandwiched between two 0.5 mm aluminum sheets). Typically façade cladding material, ACP was selected for the design because of its unique structural characteristics at that particular thickness. The movement of the planar ACP pieces is achieved using stainless steel hinges, which are riveted to the ACP with aircraft grade, stainless steel rivets. The seat itself is made of a relaxing yet sturdy outdoor mesh fabric. The mesh is customisable to match household styles and colour schemes. It is strong enough to meet standard weight-bearing specifications (300 lbs.) and flexible to allow for natural body movements while seated.

Folditure's environmental mission is to minimise wasted space, through improving the design of everyday items. Although we are committed to using the finest sustainable materials, we wish to create objects that are not to be recycled, but rather used for many, many years to come.

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Alexander completed his Architecture studies at Cornell University, travelled extensively, and also spent time studying at the Architectural Association in London. Working as an Architect in New York City, Alexander learned how to work with confined spaces. No matter how luxurious the end product, interiors tend to be tight. "This has always made me realize how ineffectively most spaces are actually used, and how difficult finding appropriately sized furnishings can be." So Alexander decided to create the solution himself, and the inspiration for Folditure was born. "I love the elegant lines of artfully designed furniture. I also love the thought and crafstmanship that go into great industrial objects. Designing highly functional furniture pieces, that transform in interesting and novel ways, is a wonderful challenge!"