ERCO Lighting Limited Thursday 13 Jun 2013

ERCO specialises in architectural lighting. First and foremost, they see themselves as selling light, not luminaires. This approach has been the trademark of their work for many years.

Irrespective of whether the architectural concept emphasises functionality or presentation, their goal is to find a solution that does justice to the specific use and architectural features of each project. In the same way they give consideration to the requirements of human perception and to the need of sustainability and energy efficiency.

The breakthrough of LED technology currently being experienced in architectural lighting is probably the biggest development in lighting technology for decades. ERCO plays a leading role in implementing these advances with practical LED lighting tools.

The Pollux spotlight, uniquely compact, yet highly efficient and powerful solves a diversity of lighting tasks with an extended range of beam distributions; narrow spot, spot, flood, wide flood, oval flood and wallwasher. The in-house lens development and use of optical polymers ensures high efficiency and superior photometric control. The various lenses are interchangeable with no need for tools.

The Pollux LED range with its new design is also available as a projector spotlight with an inbuilt framing attachment. This spotlight produces a sharp-edged beam creating the effect of a crisp focused illumination.

Made of polycarbonate, the framing attachment of the projector ensures easy sizing. The perspective distortion is balanced through the rotation of the attachment and the lens adjustment allows for focusing the extremities of the beam.

The Pollux spotlight comes in 2W (160lm/200lm) and 6W (480lm/600lm) and is dimmable through an integral potentiometer and/or an external trailing edge dimmer as well as Dali. The ERCO developed optoelectronics driver guarantees capability between the driver and the LED with 1-100% dimming thanks to a new microprocessor controlled gradient.

Pollux comes in a range of two colour temperatures. Warm white 3000K 80lm/W and Neutral white 4000K 100lm/W. The lamp life is rated at 50,000h within L70/B10.

Lastly, the fitting comes with anti glare accessories, both, for the spotlight and wallwasher. Their Modern LED products are no longer used merely for coloured effects or as orientation luminaires. They are developed into innovative products and methods for making, directing and controlling light, enabling designers and users alike to optimally exploit the advantages of LEDs.

The Pollux spotlight is a perfect example of such product.