Laser Blade
iGuzzini Wednesday 12 Jun 2013

Laser Blade combines an extremely minimal design with the maximum experience in LED products for retail applications.

The particular light distribution of Laser Blade avoids the dot like effects typical of single leds to achieve a single general emission.

The product is designed to produce a very concentrated light with a 25° cone. Laser Blade can also produce a general light, with 50° cones, with highly efficient lenses and with very little glare.

The Laser Blade fittings, which have extremely minimal dimensions, create graphic textures in ceiling applications, which are veritable levels drawn by light, thanks to the fixed optic and 25° and 50° cone light emissions.

The advantage of the limited cone solution is that it concentrates the light on the horizontal surfaces such as shelves, tables, floors. It is particularly suitable as an accent light that, silhouetted against darker walls, highlights, by contrast, the objects displayed in the windows and on the shelves.

A video of the product can be viewed here

design - iGuzzini