St Regis Chandelier
Unitfive Design Inc. Monday 10 Jun 2013

When world-class design studio YabuPushelberg required the perfect ‘accoutrement' for the lobby of the fivestarSt. Regis Bal Harbour, they turned to Toronto based Unitfive Design.

The lobby of the hotel is the highest achievement in elegance. Guests pass through 3 octagonal chambers andeach is shrouded in a mosaic of beveled mirror. Anchoring each of the chambers is a Unitfive designed chandelier.

Each hand forged antique brass chandelier is 5' in height and 4' in diameter. Each of the 8000 rock crystalswere artistically applied by hand to the orb-shaped frame. Ranging in size from 1.5" to 6", the crystals werehung from smallest at the crown of the light, to largest at the bottom. The final effect makes the entire lightappear to sparkle like a single drop of water, in the last moment before it falls.

The quartz rock crystals were procured from Brazil and polished into an organic almond shape. Each isslightly opaque, which warmly filters the incandescent light. The organic form of each crystal is purposelyjuxtaposed against the rigid geometry of the beveled mirrors of the space.

Kelvin Goddard, co-founder of Unitfive talks about working with iconic interior designer George Yabu. "He envisioned a signature piece that vaguely referenced the form and proportions of an apple. We used that as apoint of departure and created a chandelier that was both dramatic and visually weightless. This was anexercise in sculpting and refracting light in the most beautiful way possible.

"The light from each of the chandeliers magnifies the height of the vertical spaces and showers it in radiance.Each chandelier is outfitted with 24 incandescent bulbs. The warm light refracts through each crystal, and isreflected infinitely in the mirrored chamber of the octagonal space.

Lisa Santana, co-founder of Unitfive drew upon her years in the fashion industry for this project. " Thesechandeliers are as much about fashion as they are about architecture. We crafted each one as if they were piecesof couture jewelry to adorn this exquisite space." Unitfive contributed an elegant design signature for the 5-star St. Regis Bal Harbour.

This project required a hand crafted, custom designed, one-off installation/lighting solution that met the ultraluxe standards of a premium hotel. The lobby of any hotel is required to make a significant impact on its guest.These chandeliers were created exactly for this space, to create a visual signature for the design.

Part of the innovation of this project is that the design solution relied on handmade and traditional metalworkand craftsmanship. It was the only way a level of 5-star luxury could be achieved. 


Supplier, Designer and Manufacturer : Lisa Santana and Kelvin Goddard of Unitfive Design Inc.

Photography Credit: Michael Weber