Belle de Nuit
Lladro Friday 31 May 2013

Belle de Nuit: The art of lighting with Lladró

Lladró is presenting Belle de Nuit, a new collection of spectacular chandeliers, elegant wall and table lamps, and a unique proposal in the lighting sector in which porcelain shines with a light of its own. Crystal and textile shades now give way to the warmth of porcelain. Coupled with elegant forms, the new translucent shades make these designs completely original and contemporary.

A contemporary proposal  rooted in the past

The chandeliers of the collection are inspired in the original creations from the master makers of past eras but with a modern twist that make them perfectly valid for contemporary homes.

Made entirely in porcelain

The sensation these chandeliers transmit in comparison with those made in other materials is the greater sense of warmth. The porcelain makes them more inviting and interiors more pleasurable. In addition, in the case of these lamps, the warmth is enhanced with the use of porcelain lampshades, known as lithophanes, which are highly appreciated decorative elements that Lladró has introduced into the lighting sector with spectacular results. When they are lit, the transparency of the porcelain brings out the designs etched on the surface, creating a subtle lighting with a very evocative effect.

In bright, cheerful colours

If there is one thing that plays a leading role in the conception of these new lamps then that is the colour. The existing Lladró lighting catalogue has lithophane lamps and chandeliers in white and now, for the first time, it is introducing colour in this kind of product. This first launch ranges from a more sober version in white to an extremely fresh multicolour version, as well as combinations of white and gold, grey and emeralds, green and gradated tones of blues and pinks.

Ideal for all kinds of interior styles

This variety provides lamps that, depending on the interior where they are placed, can add to an ornate decoration or simply act as a singular element to lend a unique touch or even entirely fill a room with its powerful presence. The personal, ambiguous and versatile appearance of these lamps enables them to fit in with either sober or bright, youthful styles.